Boox Raises $9.25 Million to Create Reusable Shipping Containers for Ecommerce Businesses

By Thomas Price Friday, May 21, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce became the primary way for a business to sell consumer products. However, the result of an increase in ecommerce was also a massive increase in environmental costs. While many startup companies are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the shipping and travel aspect of ecommerce, very few are looking into more sustainable materials. Boox is a startup that has created a more sustainable way to ship large amounts of boxes every day. The company recently raised Series A funding to continue its business development.

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How Boox Works and Effectiveness

Ecommerce infrastructure startup Boox works by offering sustainable shipping boxes to different business types in the consumer product world. Instead of having to use thousands, if not millions, of cardboard boxes every year, a company could just continue to recirculate a select number of sustainable shipping containers from Boox. The actual shipping box or “boox” developed by the company is more durable and stronger than a traditional cardboard box; It can also be easily assembled without glue or tape.

Once a company enters into a business agreement with Boox, it will receive the containers to be shipped with products to consumers. From there, the consumer can fold down the box and return it to Boox with the shipping label provided by the company. This process will start recirculating the shipping box back for future use and indicate to the consumer the environmental sustainability of the business that the product has been purchased from.

The ecommerce infrastructure startup has proven to be effective as well. In fact, once a business uses Boox for over 10 shipments, the reuse model reduces the environmental impact from cardboard boxes by 75%.

This level of environmental change has led to a massive rise in popularity for the ecommerce infrastructure startup. In the past month alone, the company has shipped out over 50,000 units to business owners. Boox has been rapidly expanding its business to account for wide-scale demand, now operating across the United States (US) with plans to open operations in Canada and the United Kingdom (UK) later this year.

Boox Funding and Future Plans

In the Series A funding round for the ecommerce infrastructure startup, Boox raised $9.25 million in capital. The funding round was led by Valor Siren Ventures with participation from Village Global and Kid VC. This brings the total funding for the startup to $11 million.

The company plans on using this funding to support the planned expansions into new regions, alongside product and business acceleration.

Boox could potentially make major waves in ecommerce, given the 200 billion cardboard boxes being shipped out this year. If the company could harness even a small percentage of that figure, the success of Boox and the environmental impact could be enormous.

When commenting on the latest funding round for Boox, fund manager for Valor Siren Ventures, Jon Shulkin, said, “We are thrilled to lead this funding round for Boox as they work to reduce the hundreds of billions of cardboard boxes shipped around the world each year. The Boox leadership team has tapped into a growing desire by retailers and consumers alike to clean up e-commerce. This is the future of sustainable shipping.”

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