Boost Biomes Adds New Strategic Investor as Agricultural Science Grows

By Thomas Price Wednesday, December 30, 2020

With environmental sustainability becoming a larger issue in the eyes of many people, efforts have been made across the board to reduce carbon emissions, create less waste, and provide better practices in a variety of industries. One of the many industries affected by this is agriculture, where working directly with natural resources is basically the job. As demand for fresh produce continues to grow, the necessity for more efficient and sustainable farming has grown with it. Agricultural biotech startup Boost Biomes has actively been developing solutions to the farming industry through the work being done, and as a result, have gained another investor. So, what does Boost Biomes do, who is the startup’s new investor, and what can be expected in the near future?

What Is Boost Biomes?

Boost Biomes is an agricultural biotech startup backed by Y Combinator that looks to solve major farming issues through the use and development of microbiome-based products. The two major products that are being developed by Boost Biomes currently are bio-fungicides and bio-pesticides designed specifically to tackle major issues in farming like spoilage, bacterial contamination, and pathogen infestations, among others.

These bio-products are created through the use of complex DNA sequencing in tandem with selective enrichment. These production pieces are used after serious analysis of different microbial products to find which would be beneficial for large scale commercial uses. Currently, Boost Biomes is working near exclusively on the agricultural industry with the startup’s products resulting in protection from diseases for high-risk crops while also increasing the overall yield per harvest. At the same time, Boost Biomes products should also increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables after they have been harvested.

What makes Boost Biomes so unique is that instead of many other companies, which create fungicides and pesticides by using chemical or other artificial ingredients, the startup specifically uses microorganisms which already exist in balance with crops for their version of these products. This can help preserve and enrich the nutrients in the soil instead of potentially harming them.

The startup is already working with a biomanufacturing partner to further develop its bio-fungicide. This sort of effort can help create more sustainable agriculture in the future through the use of these products, thus attracting a series of investors who have a vested interest in the success of this innovative approach.

Boost Biomes’ New Strategic Investor

Given the exciting nature of the company’s goals, the startup has attracted a new strategic investor in the Japanese company Universal Materials Incubator. The announcement of Universal Materials Incubator’s involvement was also coupled with the news that the startup had raised another $2 million in funding. This is in addition to the recent $5 million raised in an institutional funding round, bringing the startup’s total funding up to $7 million. That funding round was led by global crop nutrition company Yara International, with participation from Viking Global Investors and Y Combinator. On the note of the partnership with Boost Biomes, Yota Hayama, a Universal Materials Incubator investor, said in a statement that, “We believe that Boost’s platform generates a unique data set that can be exploited for far superior products with many diverse microbiome applications in food and agriculture.”

There is clear confidence both in the data being collected by Boost Biomes and the research and development put forth into these sustainable agricultural products, indicating that the startup can make a significant impact. The large push for creating more sustainable practices nearly across the economic spectrum has placed Boost Biomes in an advantageous position. The startup looks like it holds a lot of potential to be near the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Final Conclusions

Boost Biomes is developing a product that could create significant value for the agricultural industry by creating protections against crop diseases, increasing the yield at each harvest, and lengthening the shelf life of those crops. At the same time, the products being developed to achieve those valuable goals will be significantly more sustainable for the agricultural industry. The recent strategic investor gained in Universal Materials Incubator, and the funding raised in the recent round should hopefully lead to exciting results sooner rather than later.

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