The Best Web Hosting Services of 2024

By Avi Ben Ezra | Friday, 14 August 2020 | Tech

Web hosting is the activity or service of providing storage space to individuals or organizations for websites accessible through the World Wide Web.

This industry is massive, with nearly a billion websites and millions of people worldwide entering it. The web hosting process can be daunting and confusing at first, but once you put your head around you, you will understand how it works.

First, let's look at the new terminology. You may have heard different terms used to describe the process: web hosting, website hosting, website hosting, blog hosting, self-hosting, etc. They all mean the same thing. You have a place on the server where you store your site files, and you have complete control over it.

Cloud computing concept.

The Main Characteristics of a Good Web Host

In order not to make a mistake when choosing a hosting, you should pay attention to many key points. Below you can explore the top seven essential parameters for good hosting.

  • Server speed: Server speed can depend on both the hosting provider and the site developer. If one page of the site weighs 15 MB, then no hosting will help download it in 5 seconds. However, if your page size is optimal, everything will depend on the hosting equipment and its load. After all, a slow server will slow down work with it and slow down the loading of pages when viewing.
  • Method of uploading to the server: Today, there are several ways of placing information and files on the server. These are HTTP, FTP, email, etc. However, the fastest and most reliable method is FTP upload.
  • Server-supported technologies: It can be PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc. For an ordinary static site, in this case, the most common hosting is suitable; however, for a dynamic website, high-quality hosting is recommended that supports scripts, databases, etc.
  • Server uptime, or uptime: This parameter is one of the highest priorities. And, of course, the server should work around the clock, without interruptions and interruptions.
  • Server reliability and stability: Imagine a situation when you visit a website, and it doesn't work. This is lost not only visitors and customers but also problems with the indexing of the site by search engines, loss of the level of trust in the website, and many other consequences.
  • Provider's proposed tariff plan: When choosing, you need to consider the disk space that your site will take. You should not order space back to back, because every severe site grows and develops, so you need a supply of disk space. Check how many full-fledged sites can be hosted on the server if you plan to host several of your websites on this hosting.

The Top 10 Comprehensive Hosting Services


GoDaddy is the world's most extensive domain name registrar offering hosting services. GoDaddy serves over 18 million customers worldwide and operates nearly 80 million domains.

Main advantages:

  • Low prices.
  • Specials for WordPress sites.
  • Excellent tech support to help you get the hang of hosting management.

The cost of basic WordPress hosting on GoDaddy starts at $6.99 per month. For this money, the user gets 30 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, on which you can create one project. As the price rises, the functionality expands.


Bluehost is the world's largest web hosting provider, hosting over 2 million domains. Offers shared and cloud hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated servers.

Main advantages:

  • Large selection of hosting options.
  • Free domains and SSL certificates.
  • Website builder for all plans.

The cost of shared hosting starts at $ 2.95 per month. At the minimum tariff, there is no spam protection and automatic backups, the number of created sites is limited to one project, and the amount of allocated space is 50 GB on SSD. The day most of the restrictions are removed, it is enough to switch to the next tariff, which is called Plus and costs $5.95 per month. The most expensive offering for shared hosting is the Go Pro premium plan at $13.95 per month.


Hostgator is an American company providing virtual and cloud hosting services, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Main advantages:

  • Relatively low prices, especially when compared to other popular hosting services.
  • High level of site protection with the ability to connect additional security tools.
  • Convenient control panel, which does not take much time to master.

The cost of shared hosting starts at $2.75 per month. On the Hatchling tariff plan, the user can launch one site with unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate. The maximum possibilities of shared hosting are available on the Business plan, which will cost $5.95 per month.


SiteGround is the largest hosting company providing shared and cloud hosting services, dedicated servers, email hosting, and domain name registration

Main advantages:

  • Support for the latest PHP versions with the ability to switch between them.
  • Manage to cache to improve performance.
  • Continuous security updates to ensure a high level of site protection.

The cost of shared hosting starts at $3.95 per month when paying for an annual subscription. The minimum rate involves creating one site, the number of visitors to which will not exceed 10,000 people per month. You can upgrade to GrowBig or GoGeek pricing for $5.95 and $11.95, respectively, to remove project caps, expand disk space and increase traffic, and the same pricing applies to special rates for WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

1 & 1 IONOS

Ionos is a hosting provider that provides virtual, cloud, and dedicated servers for hosting sites and applications.

Main advantages:

  • Duplication of user data to ensure their constant availability.
  • Low prices for shared hosting.
  • Server locations in Europe.

The cost of shared hosting starts at $1 per month. This rate is valid for a year, after which you have to pay much more — $8 per month. One site can be created at a minimum price. 100 GB available for files.


DreamHost is a web hosting and domain name registrar with data centers in the United States. Offers virtual and cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, special programs for WordPress sites.

Main advantages:

  • Simple admin panel.
  • One-click installation of popular web applications and engines.
  • Storage of files and databases on an SSD.
  • Built-in builder for fast website creation.

The cost of shared hosting starts at $2.59 per month when paid annually. One site can be made at this tariff. To remove the restrictions on the number of projects, you must switch to the Shared Unlimited plan, which will cost $7.95 per month when you pay for an annual subscription.


WPEngine is a specialized WordPress hosting that offers not only site space but also tools optimized to work with the popular engine.

Main advantages:

  • Support for thousands of plugins to extend the functionality of the engine.
  • Leveraging open-source technologies and optimizing WordPress tools from companies such as Google and Amazon.
  • Built-in productivity tools.
  • Continuous system updates and support from a team of experts.

The company offers unique programs for professional studios, large companies, and small and medium businesses. For the last two categories, the hosting has a tariff scale consisting of three premium plans.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a US hosting company whose central division is the domain registration business. They only offer shared hosting.

Main advantages:

  • An individual assistant from the technical support service, communication with whom is available when purchasing any premium plan.
  • Special offers for WordPress sites with optimized engine management tools.
  • Ample opportunities for domain management, which are a consequence of the specifics of the priority area of the company.

The cost for shared hosting starts at $9.96 per month when paying for an annual subscription. For this money, the user gets 300 GB of free disk space, a free domain name, the ability to connect 1000 mailboxes, malware detection, and encrypted FTP to securely upload files to the server.


Mochahost offers virtual and cloud solutions, VPS, and dedicated servers on Windows and Linux. One of the features of the hoster is its concern for the environment.

Main advantages:

  • Fast and well-secured servers.
  • Good work around the world is achieved through partnerships with providers and access to CDNs at all tariffs.
  • Convenient built-in website builder and support for popular blogging engines.

The minimum price of shared hosting is $1.95 per month when using Cpanel. With, the cheapest plan costs $2.48 per month. For this money, you can create one site. Bandwidth, available space, and attendance are unlimited.


GreenGeeks is a data center company in North America and Europe that offers shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Main advantages:

  • Storage of files and databases on RAID-10 from SSD.
  • High read and write speeds thanks to server optimization
  • Free CDN from Cloudflare allows you to cache content and send it from servers that are as close to users as possible, which further reduces download times.
  • PHP7 support on all servers.
  • Built-in website builder on all tariff plans.

The cost of shared hosting starts at $3.95 per month. This rate is suitable for blogs and small sites. If you need additional resources and an increase in download speed, then you can upgrade to higher tariffs — Pro and Premium. The latter is suitable for launching high-load projects and online stores.

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