Bestselling Business Leadership Books to Read in 2020

By Adriaan Brits Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Having a great boss makes any job easier and more worthwhile. Enjoying better management and organizational setups in any occupation can give employees higher levels of morale, and one can hope to see an increase in production output.

Academic research shows that a firm definition of business leadership is defined as being a central part of organizational and group processes. A standardized definition isn’t easy, as leadership roles are interchanged and flexible in its fullest capacity.

Being a Business Leader in the Modern World

An ever-changing marketplace, global influence, and technological advances have made the physical definition of business leaders more complex than 50 years ago.

Today, we find that some of the very best business leaders guard themselves as an influential figure that can easily adapt to different scenarios and establish a firm relationship with a multicultural workforce.

The Difference Between a Leader and a Boss

Different industries would require us to look at the physical needs of employees, but to some extent, business leaders play a pivotal role in becoming a mentor and a positive figure for their followers. They ensure a workable environment, creating an innovative space whereby followers can express their organizational contributions.

Finding a core example of a good or bad boss will only show us multiple illustrations. As the labor market becomes more in tune with the time, the definition of a boss can be determined by business and employee expectations.

Learning How to Become a Business Leader

Like anything in business, it’s something that won’t come without many hardships and facing numerous complications. More modern business leaders and authors have outlined a basic framework of how to become a business leader. Still, the theory on the subject won’t seem adequate without being an active member of the business world.

5 Business Leader Books for 2020

Who Moved My Cheese?

Like many other lists of top-selling business leadership books, this publication is always the frontrunner, with 28 million copies currently in print. Author and thought leader Dr. Spencer Johnson has compiled his industry thoughts in a book that goes back into history to find ways to cope with personal and professional change.

“Who Moved My Cheese?” gives readers a better insight into how to adjust and become comfortable with change, ensuring adjustment can have a positive impact on your career, employees, and business.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This book is more of a habitual guideline, offering readers a list of seven habits contained by effective and successful business leaders. Author Stephen Covey managed to transform the lives of many influential leaders through his work, offering short, concise guidelines for any person, regardless of their field.

What makes this book loved by so many is its plurality, as it becomes relatable, impactful, and inspirational.

Start With Why

Simon Sinek has captivated his followers and fans with his wit and ability to share thoughts, inspire, and instill a long-lasting positive attitude. The British-born author made his debut in business leadership after publishing “Start With Why” back in 2009. The book is a clever take on how many business owners and leaders struggle to answer their “why.”

How to Win Friends and Influence People

This classic novice piece has gained popularity for being so adaptable to the modern workplace. Dale Carnegie originally published the book back in 1936, and many have since treasured his work for being so influential and plausible in business. An easy read, with a simple framework on how any person can become a leader, and win over their place in the world of business.

Built to Last

It took authors Jim Collins and Jerry Porras six years of research to publish this book, which follows the path from start to finish of eighteen exceptional companies. The book tells the tales of each business, how they overcame difficulties, succeed in immense obstacles, and what they did to ensure a prosperous existence in the 21st century.

Final Take

The detailed insight brought forth by the authors and thought leaders from these books will give you clarity on the different approaches one can take in becoming a great business leader. The definition for each will always be different, and in time, we’ve seen that the boss will become someone who just ticks the boxes, while a leader becomes a visionary in the company.

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