Bambuser Launches Dual Hosting and External Camera Compatibility for Live Online Video Shopping

By McKenzie Carpenter Friday, February 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic, government shutdowns, and restrictions have caused people across the globe to spend more and more time at home. As a result, many businesses are transitioning to, or improving upon, their current online infrastructure. Bambuser, a mobile app and ecommerce company that specializes in interactive live streaming, announced today the launch of two new aspects, dual hosting and external camera capability, to improve the video software for the business.

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What Is Bambuser?

Bambuser is a global Swedish software as a service, or SaaS, company that specializes in interactive live streaming video ecommerce for websites; it also has a mobile app. The primary product of the business is the Live Video Shopping, a cloud-based software that allows direct interaction between consumers and retailers.

The online ecommerce company has a net worth of 4.01 billion SEK ($480.95 million). To date, the ecommerce business has raised $122.6 million in funding. With 150 people working for the business and more than 25 nationalities represented, both the app and website combined have equaled to more than 15 million minutes of live streaming. The ecommerce app and website are available on six continents, and the content is available in 15 languages.

In addition, the online ecommerce business has the added mission of connecting retailers and customers through live streaming which elevates traditional methods of shopping to a more personalized experience. Furthermore, the global ecommerce software market was valued at $5.536 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.3% between 2020 and 2028.

Many retail businesses have transitioned to apps, as people are able to shop on-the-go. This ecommerce company, however, offers live streaming to see the products firsthand, in real-time. Furthermore, retailers will be offered more live streaming options with the new product updates.

App and Website Updates

The company announced that the ecommerce app and website will implement new changes to the platform. In response to the new product updates from the company, Chief Product Officer at the business, Jesper Funck, said, “Every day, our development team focuses on anticipating the needs of our customers as well as our customers’ success. We’re incredibly proud to announce dual hosting and external camera capability, as we believe these features deliver benefit to both those groups.”

The first change is dual hosting for split-screen broadcasting for live streaming. This new aspect will help streamers on the mobile app easily show products and have different guests/hosts from different locations. The business reported during beta testing that viewer engagement metrics increased. The second update from the company is an external camera capability. This new feature now supports external hardware and software for in-show production by leveraging real-time messaging protocol (RTMP).

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