Startup ASAPP Is Helping JetBlue Transform Its Customer Service

By Elijah Labby Saturday, February 6, 2021

Seasoned airline company JetBlue is enlisting the help of a startup called ASAPP to transform its customer service for the better. ASAPP uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create transcripts and predict appropriate responses to customer questions and comments, helping customer service representatives to make better decisions about how best to serve those they’re speaking with.

The startup is something of a star in the commercial AI field, garnering hundreds of millions of dollars in startup funding, and the partnership is one more example of its skyward trajectory (no pun intended).

JetBlue airplane taking flight.

What People Are Saying About the Startup Merger

ASAPP Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gustavo Sapoznik said the opportunity for his startup to partner with JetBlue was something to be thankful for and that he was excited to bring his company to more consumers.

"JetBlue has a stellar reputation for customer experience. We are delighted they have selected ASAPP as the technology foundation of their customer experience transformation," the business owner said. "ASAPP takes a different approach to customer experience, one that enables a powerful collaboration between people and artificial intelligence software. By helping employees radically increase their productivity, businesses can achieve massive savings, create more sustainable jobs, and delight consumers as they connect with them on the channels they prefer."

Ian Deason, head of customer experience at the JetBlue company, said the merger between the startup and his company was aimed at providing greater value for customers and allowing them to get more out of their experience with the airline.

"As part of our ongoing mission to inspire humanity, we were determined to find an artificial intelligence platform that would allow us to transform the JetBlue customer support experience by supporting and amplifying the efforts of our dedicated crewmembers," he said.

The Future of AI In Everyday Business

It’s becoming more and more common to do business via an AI company in everyday life. As globalization of business makes a company like JetBlue more accessible to consumers across the world, the level of hands-on-deck needed to effectively handle this new business increases as well.

Luckily, AI makes handling business easy via machine learning, allowing company computer systems to learn from their interactions with others and receive feedback. It’s all intended to make a customer’s interaction with a company seamless, pleasant, and effective.

Bottom line: AI adoption is accelerating, not decelerating, and a business like JetBlue will do well to have a startup company like ASAPP on board. ASAPP, we hope, will make calling in to change a flight just a little more pleasant.

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