AppTweak Draws $22 Million for App Store Optimization

By James White Monday, April 12, 2021

Designing an app for mobile app stores is the first challenge aspiring developers must face; however, it is not the only one. Once a company or developer has created a company app, they must go about the business of capturing user interest and navigating the app store. Startup business AppTweak seeks to help developers find their way through the sea of competition in app stores. The startup app store optimization (ASO) company announced that its business recently received a $22 million early Series B investment.

"Today marks a big milestone for AppTweak,” said Olivier Verdin, co-founder and CEO of the ASO startup business. “We are ready to accelerate growth worldwide and expand our services. With offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bengaluru, we aim to open at least two or three new locations this year and plan to build a global presence in the next three years.”

Early support for the startup company comes from Media Group Rossel. In 2015, AppTweak initially garnered $1 million in seed funding from investors Be Angels and GoBeyond. The ASO startup business claims that its company has been profitable ever since 2017.

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App Store Intelligence

Founded in 2013 by Verdin and entrepreneur Sebastien Dellis, the startup company initially was a small toolkit designed to generate an ASO report with recommendations for apps and games. After interest in the toolkit grew, several new features were added to the platform, and eventually, the Brussels-based startup business was officially launched in 2014. Now, the startup company claims that 42% of the top 50 grossing apps are active AppTweak customers.

AppTweak offers a number of ASO features. In addition to being able to search statistics like the number of installs by keyword and average ratings based on keywords, AppTweak also provides ad intelligence, market intelligence, and metrics that gauge how well an app is performing across seasons, locations, and categories.

AppTweak also provides insights on the competition, with app revenue and download estimates. The startup company tracks metadata updates and provides a timeline, so developers can see the changes the competition is making and how this impacts their visibility on the app store.

"The track record of AppTweak is impressive,” said Bernard Marchant, CEO of Rossel. “We are convinced that this investment will allow AppTweak to become a worldwide organization, and develop the best ASO tool for apps and games."

Tapping into the Massive Mobile App Industry

Market research estimates that the global mobile app industry was valued at $154.05 billion in 2019 and expects the market to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. Understanding trends and the competitive landscape within app stores allows developers and companies to stay relevant and grow their app’s following.

Besides AppTweak, other startup companies and businesses, including Gummicube, Phiture, and Apptopia, offer ASO services. AppTweak claims that big names such as Amazon, Yelp, Paypal, Adobe, Lyft, and Expedia already utilize its app store intelligence platform. The business plans to expand its international presence with the latest funding.

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