Ambi Robotics Raises $26 Million to Build Sorting Robots for the Growing Supply Chain Industry

By Thomas Price Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Ambi Robotics is a tech startup that has designed and built robotics that are working to automate the sorting portion of the supply chain industry. The company recently announced it closed on a Series A funding round which will help support business expansion and scale up deployment of its robots.

Ambi Robotics founders and CEO.

The Ambi Robotics Robots and Rising Popularity in the US

Tech startup Ambi Robotics has built two different robots that can improve the sorting capabilities of a business in the supply chain industry: the AmbiSort and the AmbiKit. The AmbiSort is a robot designed by the company that can help a warehouse or supply chain company sort easily between boxes, envelopes, and polybags as well as move them into the correct containers.

The tech startup has programmed the robot to operate on its specifically designed artificial intelligence (AI) software. This allows for the AmbiSort to function without direct oversight and independently sort without issue, allowing for human warehouse workers to prioritize other objectives. The AmbiSort robot is capable of sorting parcels up to 50% faster than a traditional warehouse worker, helping a business save time and money in the long term.

The other robot created by the tech startup is the AmbiKit. The AmbiKit works to sort individual items directly into boxes and assemble specific kits of products for subscription boxes, medical first aid boxes, or even pre-made meals. The company designed the robot to leverage both AI and the AmbiOS, its operating system, which allows for easy programming and recognition of items. 

The company has seen business pick up significantly in the last several months as ecommerce has come to be one of the largest portions of the retail economy. Over the last five months in particular, the tech startup has seen its customer base grow rapidly as both AmbiKit and AmbitSort robots are being deployed across the United States (US).

Ambi Robotics Funding and Plans for Rapid Expansion

In its Series A funding round, Ambi Robotics raised $26 million in capital. The funding round was led by Tiger Global Management with participation from Bow Capital, Vertex Ventures US, and The House Fund. 

The tech startup will use the new funding to advance several different business interests. Mainly, the capital will allow the company to make new business partnerships with different companies and deploy the robots at a scaled-up rate. Furthermore, Ambi Robotics will be able to expand the scope of its customer base to include the entire US. Money will also be spent on product development to create new robots with more specific purposes and to improve the current version of AmbiOS. 

In a statement made alongside the announcement of the new Series A funding, Tiger Global Management Partner Griffin Schroeder said, “Ambi Robotics has quickly leapt to the front of the pack when it comes to AI robotic piece-picking for parcel sortation and ecommerce fulfillment operations. The company is a market leader as a result of its strong team and technology, validated by a robust pipeline of customer growth as the company capitalizes on the vast supply chain and rapidly growing logistics market.”

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