Amazon and McAfee Partner to Provide Cybersecurity to Small Businesses

By Thomas Price Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Small businesses have had an extremely tough year in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic closing physical locations for many businesses and many others having to operate from home, a new set of problems has emerged. The lack of a second round of stimulus from the federal government has forced small business owners to save money while they continue to operate. This situation has created a challenging feat to overcome as surmounting operational costs ensue without additional funding.

One prevalent burden being currently faced by business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic is the rise of hacking. This challenge comes at a time when cybersecurity capabilities from home computers and wifi are less effective when compared to those of an office building with an IT department and a proper, protective infrastructure. In an attempt to provide solutions for this problem, McAfee Corp. and Amazon Business have partnered up.

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Small Business and Cybersecurity

Small businesses were unfortunately already at a higher risk of data and cyber leaks or breaches even before the COVID-19 pandemic started. In fact, according to a 2019 report, a whopping 43% of all cyber breaches were in one way or another involved with a small business. However, once the pandemic began causing restrictions and stay at home orders, the risk for small businesses shot up even beyond that already frightening statistic. From March of this year through April, over 192,000 cyberattacks were reported each week. This translates to a roughly 30% increase than before the major spread of the virus. Unfortunately, this is not where it stops. Since February of 2020, online phishing attempts have skyrocketed by a whopping 600%. Another sobering statistic is the fact that 67% of businesses have had a security incident of one kind or another regarding their internet of things (IoT). As a result of all of these increases in cyberthreats, small businesses have begun to try and take greater precautions in regard to their own cybersecurity including 55% of whom plan to increase IT/OT alignment.
However, in order to grapple more clearly with the cybersecurity threats while working at home, there must be other tools that small businesses can turn to for help. This is precisely where the McAfee and Amazon Business partnership comes into play.

McAfee and Amazon Business

The basic idea behind the partnership will be to offer varying cybersecurity packages to small business owners, and in particular, Business Prime members. These members will be able to protect all of their devices from PCs and Macs to Android and iOS smartphones. Among the other features will be the flexible licensing allowing for an additional 25 devices to be added as small businesses grow and a 24/7 virus removal service for anything that has bypassed initial protection measures. The pricing is done in several tiers to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and needs. Prices for the first year will be anywhere from $49.99 on the low end and $99.99 on the high end, depending on the needs and devices which will need protection. However, after this initial year, prices will rise tremendously up to $149.99 on the low end and $249.99 on the high end for a year of coverage and security. The protection that the businesses will be paying for include web and firewall protections, safeguards against malware, and a mobile VPN for devices. All of this will greatly reduce the risk that small businesses face against cyberthreats, especially considering how many small businesses do not recover after a major cyber data breach.

Final Conclusions

Being a small business owner in 2020 has been an extremely difficult ordeal. On top of dealing with closed physical locations, working from home, and a lack of support from the federal government, cyberthreats have increased significantly as well while the workforce is more vulnerable. Investing in solid safeguards and cybersecurity may be a decision worth looking into, especially from names as recognizable as Amazon and McAfee. Their new partnership and relatively affordable first-year rates should certainly entice many small business owners looking to ensure their company’s cybersafety.

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