Amazon’s Upcoming Virtual Job Fair Set to Hire 33K New Employees

By Thomas Price Tuesday, September 15, 2020

While many different businesses have faced tremendous struggles during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping giant Amazon has seen incredible growth to meet the demands of the public. The increase in demand has led to Amazon needing to hire more workers at all levels to ensure its continued success and growth. In fact, on September 16, Amazon plans to host a virtual job fair in order to hire thousands of more workers at multiple levels.

Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Amazon’s Virtual Job Fair

The career fair for Amazon will have several different events to help prepare hopeful employees with skills or coaching to meet certain positions. The events include a series of panels and fireside chats throughout the day, focusing on aspects of getting hired and the struggles of the workforce. The three panels will be specific to building personal brands and reinventing resumes, and there will be an open panel built for any additional questions. The two fireside chats are built around guest speakers meant to inspire and motivate those watching with the first speaker being former NFL player and retired astronaut, Leland Melvin, and the second being the star of Queer Eye, Karamo Brown. For 20,000 of the participants in the virtual job fair, there will be one-on-one career coaching from one of the 1,000 different Amazon recruiters. If the participants are interested in working as hourly warehouse associates or as software development engineers, there will also be breakout sessions specific to these lines of work. Anyone is capable of joining the virtual job fair by registering online for free.

In terms of actual hiring, Amazon plans to add up to 33,000 new employees through the event. The average salary of these new jobs will be about $150,000 a year, including the annual salary combined with stock awards. In 2019, there were over 200,000 applicants for the 30,000 open positions offered. However, it is predicted that due to the record high unemployment rate of nearly 8.4%, the number of applicants will be much higher. Amazon, on the other hand, has grown tremendously during the economic downturn, with this virtual job fair not even being the first major call for workers Amazon has had this year.

Amazon’s Growth in 2020

Both nationally and internationally, Amazon has needed to hire thousands of more workers to meet the demands of the growing company and of the millions of users who have been using Amazon more and more during the ongoing pandemic. In fact, during their most recent quarterly reports, Amazon saw $88.91 billion in revenue, which translates to an incredible 40.23% increase compared to the same quarter in 2019. When looking at the year as a whole, from June 30 of 2019 to June 30 of 2020, Amazon generated $321.782 billion in revenue, a 27.66% increase compared to the twelve months before that. 

The increase in revenue came from the increase in demand, which led to Amazon’s multiple hiring sprees throughout the year. In mid-March, Amazon called out to hire 100,000 new warehouse and delivery employees in order to maintain high delivery speeds and efficient work with the increased orders. In the UK, Amazon announced in early September that it would be creating 7,000 new permanent jobs in the region, which brings the total new jobs from Amazon in the UK up to 10,000 on the year. The total workforce for Amazon in the UK is currently at around 40,000.

Final Conclusions

Amazon has seen tremendous growth during the pandemic due to the nature of their business and the ability to continuously meet higher demand with more workers because of their massive capital. Their virtual job fair should certainly be a success, considering they will be helping 33,000 people find jobs. In addition, with the panels, fireside chats, and one-on-one coaching sessions, even for those who do not get hired, the event should still serve as a valuable day in helping their continued job search.

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