Alula Raises Seed Funding as Startup Develops Platform for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

By Thomas Price Sunday, January 24, 2021

Cancer is one of the most difficult and arduous afflictions a person can face. This can also be true for the many people involved in the lives of those who have been diagnosed with cancer. As a result, the demand for resources to help the process, support each other, and generally get through the disease together is unfortunately very high. Alula is a startup that has developed a platform specifically to help meet that demand. The startup recently launched its business platform and closed on its seed funding round. So, what does Alula do, what kind of funding have they received, and what can be expected from the startup in the near future?

Alula’s Platform and Seed Funding Round

The startup company has worked specifically to develop a platform that supports cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors through a variety of methods. The major pillars of the platform include products that help make taking care of oneself easier, several communication tools, and a lot of generally useful content as well. Additionally, the company has a built-out marketplace for many different things that would not be directly found from other services such as where to buy a wig, pill organizers, and helpful books. The company’s business goal was to create a centralized place for all different needs across the cancer spectrum.

When speaking on the platform, CEO and founder, Liya Schuster-Bier said, “A lot of people are researching scattered parts of the internet for various elements of product recommendations, ways to communicate ways to raise money for your treatment, ways to understand how to tell people or to announce to your boss that you have treatment. It is not in a singular place, it is not organized in a radically honest way. It’s hard to understand who to trust.”

This platform recently launched in conjunction with the announcement that the startup had recently closed its seed funding round. In Alula’s seed funding round, the startup raised a solid $2.2 million. The funding round was not led by any particular venture capital firm though it had participation from BBG Ventures, Andy Dunn, Metrodora Ventures, Thrive Capital, Village Global, Homebrew, Shrug Capital, Basement Ventures, Company Ventures, K5 Global, K50 Ventures, and other angel investors. The new capital will help with Alula’s future plans as well.

As it currently stands, a significant portion of their business revenues come from affiliate fees associated with purchases made through Alula’s marketplace. However, as time goes on, they plan to expand their business offerings; the startup plans to buy their own products and sell them at retail to consumers.

Final Conclusions

Alula’s business provides much-needed resources for cancer patients. The company’s platform creates a simple, one-stop location for so many different areas of need for support within the community of cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors. As for the company, their overall business model, the platform’s recent launch, and their new raised capital have given the startup some solid footing that could certainly bring the startup future success.

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