Altitude Angel Gains Funding as Global Drone Super-Highway Moves Closer to Reality

By Thomas Price Monday, January 18, 2021

With logistics and ecommerce becoming massively larger over the course of 2020, the desire for more efficient delivery techniques for smaller retail items has grown. Furthermore, numerous companies are looking into creating and launching drone fleets for short-distance deliveries and other purposes. As a result, companies and startups within that market have been gaining more traction and, therefore, funding. One of those startups has been Unified Traffic Management technology provider Altitude Angel, who recently closed their Series A funding round. So, what does Altitude Angel do, how much did they raise, and what can be expected from the startup in the near future?

What Is Altitude Angel?

Altitude Angel is a startup that provides technology directly related to Unified Traffic Management. What this essentially breaks down to is several solutions across multiple portions of the field, including providing GuardianUTM O/S (a system built to help integrate drones into airspace), the startup’s line of API and services, airspace maps, and their open-source project Scout, which has schematics, firmware, and case designs.

Due to the massive variety of products and services, Altitude Angel can offer their solutions to a wide range of customers, including ANSPs, aviation authorities, airports, drone manufacturers, software developers, fleet managers, telecoms, and general enterprise.

The startup's work is particularly interesting for the future of drone fleets since they are looking to create a so-called global drone superhighway. Specifically, United Traffic Management and Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM platform is a major step toward creating that global drone superhighway. This superhighway would allow for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, to share airspace with manned aircraft without major conflicts. That long-term goal is only possible with widespread adoption of UTM platforms like the one Altitude Angel is offering. Through this adoption, governments and aviation authorities would be able to begin building that global drone superhighway. The superhighway could legitimately revolutionize the future of deliveries.

In fact, the transportation of goods both essential and retail would be massively changed with speeds and delivery times dropping drastically. For those delivering essential goods like medical supplies, this could help cut down on supply shortages in many locations which would usually have to rely on traditional methods of delivery. For parcel companies like Amazon or UPS, it could help guarantee same-day delivery for a massive collection of items, completely changing the already burgeoning logistics department. Of course, this has resulted in interest from investors for Altitude Angel.

Altitude Angel’s Funding and Future Plans

In Altitude Angel’s Series A funding round, the startup raised £7.05 million ($9.4 million). The funding round was led by Octopus Ventures with participation from Seraphim Capital. The additionally raised capital will help Altitude Angel with the startup’s future plans. Specifically, this involves the startup’s goals to expand its international presence, especially after Altitude Angel’s opening of its Dutch headquarters. The startup will continue to add local international offices across Europe through the first half of 2021.

Altitude Angel is a promising startup that is offering a wide range of solutions and technologies all across the UTM industry. Especially considering what a crucial role UTM platforms provide in creating the global drone superhighway, Altitude Angel’s recent funding is a massive step in the right direction. This becomes particularly salient with the startup’s announcement in September of 2020 that they will be developing a commercial drone highway in unrestricted airspace in the Thames Valley that will be launched in late 2021. Given all of Altitude Angel’s developments, the company has a lot of potential to be a major force in the industry in the near future.

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