Startup AllCart Helps Grocery Shoppers Save $400 a Month

By McKenzie Carpenter Monday, February 15, 2021

COVID-19 has made its way around the world and challenged people everywhere in various ways, especially financially. Many people have lost their jobs, resulting in difficulties paying for rent, insurance, and even groceries. Due to nationwide and statewide restrictions, consumers have adapted to grocery shopping online. Companies like AllCart have been able to succeed because online grocery shopping has become the new normal

Person shopping for groceries on their smartphone.

What Is AllCart?

AllCart is a grocery shopping startup with a website platform and app that allows customers to compare product prices at different stores. Customers can also compare the many different sales offered at different stores, therefore saving money as a result.

The startup company was founded in 2020, which accelerated the process for the business to launch its online platform and mobile app. “AllCart grew out of an organic need to support consumers in saving on their grocery budgets during an uncertain period. I was preparing to launch SpotHop, a bar and restaurant startup that allows users to find deals and real-time specials but [COVID-19]-related shutdowns interfered,” Founder and CEO Steve Harrison said. “Instead of shuttering the company, I explored ways to repurpose the existing technology to help those suffering from the effects of pandemic and economic issues, and to retain the staff of 15. As AllCart grows, we will continue to add features to help users save and manage their grocery budgets.”

In addition, the business currently compares prices from more than 90,000 stores nationwide, with over 90 million items on the business’s platform. Furthermore, the startup is able to help shoppers save hundreds on groceries per month.

Grocery Trends

By using the app the startup has created, shoppers can save more than $400 a month on groceries. As a result, shoppers are able to combat prices that have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. In 2020, meat, poultry, fish, and dairy prices increased between 4.4% and 9.6%.

It can be inferred that the COVID-19 pandemic is a contributing factor to the higher grocery prices, as the economy suffered from its effects. Additionally, grocery shoppers increased their week-by-week spending by 17% last year. Due to this increase, many startups and businesses, including AllCart have been able to take advantage of these trends. By building a business model that incorporates online grocery shopping, the company is meeting a need, with the app offering additional access to savings. In 2018, the global online grocery market accounted for $154.69 billion, which is expected to reach $975.16 billion by 2027 — a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.7%.

Final Takeaways

With prices skyrocketing and spending in relation to that, online grocery companies have been able to capitalize on these trends by providing a platform and app that helps consumers find better deals at a time when it's most needed.

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