Life Sciences Startup Akadeum Nabs $17.5 Million for Its Biological Separation Platform

By Adriaan Brits Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Startup company Akadeum Life Sciences announced today that it raised $17.5 million in an oversubscribed Series B business funding round led by Arboretum Ventures.

Akadeum Founder and CEO Brandon McNaughton holding the company's revolutionary microbubble technology.

Addressing Critical Biological Process 

Beringea, Agilent Technologies, Lifespan Ventures, BlueStone Venture Partners, Berkeley Catalyst Fund, Michigan Capital Network, Michigan Rise, The University of Michigan, and others also took part in the Series B business funding round.

In addition to the provided business funding, Dan Kidle, Managing Partner at Arboretum, will be joining Akadeum Life Sciences’s board of directors. The startup company plans to use the fresh business funding to fast-track the global commercialization of its unique microbubble-based separation platform with multiple applications covering cell therapy and diagnostics. 

"We are very pleased to join as investors in Akadeum and see strong potential for their proprietary microbubble-based technology to deliver significant advances in science and strong commercial growth in the years ahead," Kidle commented.

Furthermore, the startup company will also look to strike new business-to-business (B2B) partnerships as well as invest in research and development (R&D) of existing and new products.

Founded in 2014, the Michigan-based startup company works to develop a next-gen platform that tackles common problems associated with biological separation processes, such as volume and throughput restrictions. Its proprietary technology outshines the performance, system costs, and scalability of its competitors’ technologies. 

Unique microbubble-powered technology enables the platform to efficiently float target cells, nucleic acids, and other biological targets. The process of cell separation is critical because it represents one of the main catalysts in the push for individualized medicines and the capability to cure large populations via generalized treatments. 

The ability to analyze individual cells provides experts with the necessary information about their specific functions and roles in the human body.

"This funding brings new momentum to our effort to deploy our technology platform to empower new scientific discoveries, improve diagnostic sensitivity, and increase access to novel cell therapies. The success of this financing is another indication of the growing interest in the applications of the Akadeum platform technology," said Brandon McNaughton, Ph.D., Akadeum Life Sciences’s President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Last year, Akadeum Life Sciences announced a partnership with NanoCellect Biomedical, a leader in the innovation and development of cell sorting solutions, to develop rare-cell workflows. Two startup companies joined strengths to improve cell isolation, analysis, gentleness, and rare-cell sorting efficiency. 

Preparation of cell samples plays an essential part in generating successful single-cell sequencing results. It is important that separating cells do not contain debris and doublets, while free-DNA allows obtaining the coveted cell type at a high frequency.

Two companies are solving this issue by conducting a gentle cell enrichment at first thanks to Akadeum Life Sciences’s microbubbles-powered solution. Furthermore, the process then utilizes NanoCellect’s WOLF cell sorter to carefully select the desired rare cells with high precision. Cells are then loaded into a microplate to support downstream applications and sequencing.


Startup company Akadeum Life Sciences announced it raised $17.5 million in an oversubscribed Series B business funding round led by Arboretum Ventures. The life sciences startup company intends to leverage the raised funding to accelerate the global commercialization of its flagship microbubble-based separation platform.

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