Airbnb and Houston First Partner to Support Tourism Recovery

By Thomas Price Tuesday, March 9, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic finally moving toward an end due to vaccine rollout in the United States (US), many companies have been focusing on economic recovery. This is especially true for the tourism industry which has been essentially shuttered since the onset of the many different travel restrictions that were implemented. Vacation rental company Airbnb and destination management business Houston First have recently partnered in order to help support tourism recovery in the city.

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The Partnership Between the Companies

Airbnb and Houston First are launching a major tourism campaign aimed at bringing visitors back to Houston. The campaign from the two companies is built to help support many different small businesses that rely on tourism as a major source of revenue but have been struggling since the onset of the pandemic.

The campaign has been named Rediscover Houston, and it will include a dedicated homepage on Airbnb’s website that highlights the many great aspects of what makes Houston a city worth visiting for tourists. The plan is to reignite more domestic travel in the US as the country begins to safely reopen while much of the international world lags behind. If successful, campaigns like this could help support the tourism business across the US, boosting local companies in the process.

This partnership is the first between a city in Texas and the vacation rental company. In fact, Houston will serve as the largest city to do business with the vacation rental company in an effort to boost tourism in a post-pandemic world. While this may be the case, the partnership between Houston First and Airbnb is part of a much larger ongoing effort by the vacation rental company to bolster tourism and support small business across the US.

National Efforts From Airbnb to Support Domestic Travel

While the partnership with Houston First is new, Airbnb has been making an active effort to work with local organizations and cities in order to promote domestic travel and support small businesses since June of last year. Through their Go Near initiative, the company has partnered with several different groups across the US in order to boost local, safe travel to help businesses that rely on tourism rebound from the economic hardship brought on by the pandemic.

When commenting on the latest business partnership with Houston First, Public Policy Manager for Texas at Airbnb, Jose Luis Briones, said, “We hope this campaign encourages Houstonians to support the small businesses and people who rely on tourism. We look forward to continuing to work with Houston First to find innovative ways to support local tourism.

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