AI Startup Company Nanit Scores $25 Million to Develop Smart Baby Monitor

By James White Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ever since the Zenith Radio Nurse was developed by Zenith Electronics president Eugene McDonald Jr. in 1937, parents have been able to keep an eye on their children with the assistance of technology. While the first baby monitor design was effectively a simple radio transmitter and receiver, advancements in imaging, audio, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology have revolutionized the concept. Startup company Nanit is a newcomer in the baby monitoring app arena and is powered by AI.

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Many companies offer a wide array of monitoring solutions, from two-way audio to HD video cameras. Furthermore, businesses like startup company Nanit continue to enhance the baby monitoring experience with AI-powered accessories and mobile app integrations. In a recent Series C funding round, the New York-based startup business garnered $25 million from investors to continue the development of its smart baby monitoring system. The round was led by GV, a venture capital investment arm of Google parent company Alphabet. GV partner Frederique Dame will be joining the board of directors at the baby tech startup business. Other investors that participated in the funding round included Jerusalem Venture Partners, RRE Ventures, Upfront Ventures, and Rho Capital Partners. Since its launch, the startup company has amassed funds totaling $75 million in support of its business.

Advanced Monitoring Accessories

Founded by entrepreneurs Andrew Berman, Assaf Glazer, and Tor Ivry, the startup company launched in 2016 to develop technology for parents like themselves. The business manufactures devices ranging from HD overhead cameras that can be accessed on Android and Apple devices through a mobile app to smart sheets and clothing, which work with the cameras to monitor the baby’s breathing, sleep patterns, crib movement, and even changes in height.

Data and video feed are relayed to parents through the Nanit App, which provides alerts when sound or movement is detected in the child’s room, as well as information about the room temperature and humidity. The baby monitoring app also serves to dim the nightlight function on the Nanit Pro camera and can play audio to the nursery. Those looking for more features like detailed sleep history, video archives, and sleep tips can opt into Nanit Insights, a subscription service offered by the startup business with multiple tiers and pricing options. Major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy, distribute Nanit products.

Smart Monitoring Industry Trends

The smart baby monitor market is projected to grow to $1.32 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth growth rate (CAGR) of 7.15%, according to a market research report. Nanit’s baby app business will have to compete with companies like Motorola that offer their own smart monitoring devices. However, Nanit’s AI-driven smart clothing and sheets offer unique insights and advantages to its users, as the business looks forward to expanding its array of nursery products.

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