AI Startup Company Connects Thousands of Parents and Children Through Learning App

By Bruce Harpham | Sunday, February 7, 2021 | Startup, Tech

Hello Genius, an LA-based startup company, aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to bring parents and children closer together. The AI-powered learning application is designed to help parents learn about their children, ages three to eight. “We raised $5 million+ in seeding funding to develop the Hello Genius technology and learning system,” Lee Daley, chief marketing officer at Hello Genius, told Startup Savant.

A parent and chid using a laptop together.

Generating Awareness With a Free Beta

“Since launching in December 2020, we have had several thousand downloads of the Hello Genius parent and child apps on iOS and Android,” said Jack Lee, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hello Genius. The startup company is offering free annual subscriptions to those who download the platform before April 1, 2021.

Why Hello Genius’s Apps Have No Advertising

Including advertising in apps is a popular business model, but this startup company has taken a different approach. “Early on, we made a business decision based on our beliefs and principles that we would never accept advertising onto the Hello Genius platform and that privacy of data was sacrosanct. The safety of our community and users remains our top priority, and Hello Genius guarantees data privacy to all users, since personal data is only available to the user and parent,” Lee Daley, co-founder, chairman, and chief strategy and marketing officer of Hello Genius, commented during the interview.

Instead of advertising, the app’s business model will use subscription pricing. “We have a commitment to never charge more than $0.99 a day for access to our apps and all features and benefits that come with them,” says Daley.

How the Startup Company Uses AI

“The artificial intelligence recommendation engine uses collaborative filtering to adapt the content based on the child’s activities, suggest offline learning activities based on geo-location and match parent users based on the similar interests and profiles of their children,” says Lee.

In addition, AI features are used for image recognition and natural language processing in Hello Genius’s apps.

How Hello Genius Works

The startup company offers two mobile apps: one for parents and one for children. The child app gives children a variety of educational materials, including photos, videos, and books. The startup company's app goes beyond offering resources. The app also encourages children to photograph items around the home and outside and then guides them to identify and understand what they've captured in images using AI.

The business’s parent app provides insight and provides two essential functions. First, it gives parents insight into their child’s topics of interest, such as marine biology. Second, the app also has messaging features to help children and parents stay connected even when they are apart.

Inspired By Sir Ken Robinson’s Creativity Insights

Sir Ken Robinson inspired the educational philosophy behind the Hello Genius company. Robinson served on the Board of Hello Genius before he passed away in 2020. His 2006 TED talk, Do schools kill creativity?, has been viewed more than 69 million times. Robinson’s approach to education emphasized discovery and creativity over a standardized curriculum.

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