Pittsburgh-Based Drone Sanitization Company Aeras Receives FAA Clearance

By Elijah Labby Saturday, May 8, 2021

Based in Pittsburgh, Aeras Fog Company is a new startup that uses drone technology to sanitize large areas potentially contaminated with COVID-19. The sanitization business has received clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

When the coronavirus swept the world early last year, there was a problem: those at risk of contracting the virus did not know how dangerous it was, how it was transmitted, or the best way to avoid it. Businesses across the world began heavy sanitization processes, but even these could be dangerous because those doing the sanitization did not know the extent to which they were putting themselves at risk simply by trying to reduce the spread of the virus.

Drone with a digital camera.

What the Business Does

Aeras is the solution to the problem. The startup company was founded last year and uses aerosol cleaning sprays attached to drones to not only remove human presence in the contaminated areas but also to make the process much more efficient and simple.

And that’s some of the genius of the startup business: it makes the whole process of aerosol spray cleaning simpler in large areas. Even after the world has been inoculated against this particular virus, it is also functional in use against other viruses and retains its appeal.

The Recent Launch of the Business

In fact, the fleet of drones from the startup made its debut at the Kentucky Derby last week. Eric Lloyd, CEO and co-founder of Aeras, said it was an honor to play a role in helping to get people back in the seats of one of the most beloved sporting events in the United States (US).

"It's awesome having a hand in bringing back massive in-person sporting events after a year of uncertainty," the drone startup business owner said. "Seeing thousands of cheering fans enjoying the Kentucky Derby safely felt like a huge victory over COVID-19."

Jim Christiana, who serves as vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Aeras, said that his company was at the forefront of sanitization technology and was helping to ensure that areas potentially affected by the coronavirus are clean and worthy of customers’ confidence.

"If sports franchises want to increase the number of people in seats, AERAS is the path," he said. "We're excited for the opportunity to work with any sports and entertainment facility that wants to provide that peace of mind to fans returning to live entertainment."

The Value of the Sanitization Company

The drone startup is in a good industry right now. The sterilization equipment market is poised for big growth in the future and is growing at a compound annual growth rate of over 12%. Furthermore, it is expected to reach a final valuation of $23.73 billion by 2027.

A spokesperson for the drone business said in a press release that he was excited about what’s next for the company.

"Like the rest of America, we're hungry for live concerts and sports," he said. "It feels great to see our technology make this type of impact on live events and to be helping to return America back to normalcy."

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