Pharmaceutical Startup Adyn Raises $2.5 Million for Personalized Birth Control Testing

By James White Tuesday, April 27, 2021

While oral contraceptives serve an extremely important function, users must weigh the benefits of the convenient birth control pharmaceutical against the potential side effects the pill possesses. Beyond carrying some inherent risk, birth control pills also affect each individual differently, making the business of choosing the correct medicine difficult. Startup precision medicine business Adyn seeks to personalize contraceptives for its users using precision science and pharmaceutical technology. Adyn recently found investor support for its company in the form of a $2.5 million seed round.

“At the cutting edge of precision medicine, adyn is finally offering women better options for family planning and more control over their health,” said Deena Shakir, Partner at Lux Capital. “Dr. Ruzzo and her team have achieved a breakthrough in both technology and business model, which together will fundamentally transform the quality and precision of healthcare diagnostics and delivery. We are very excited to be partnering with an incredible founder, team, and co-investors in pursuit of a future where healthcare solutions are as unique as each individual they serve.”

Seed funding for the precision pharmaceutical startup company was co-led by investors Lux Capital and M13. Adyn was also backed by other investors, including Civilization Ventures, Concrete Rose Capital, Y Combinator, Madrona Pioneer Fund, and Ascend VC. The pharmaceutical startup business received further funding for its company from angel investors, including 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki, Nish Bhat of Color Genomics, Qasar Younis of Applied Intuition, and Ashley Mayer of Glossier.

Oral contraceptive pills.

Personalized Birth Control

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Ruzzo, Adyn seeks to take the guesswork out of picking a suitable contraceptive. The Seattle-based startup company provides a solution to get the right pharmaceutical the first time.

“While completing my PhD in human genomics, I changed my birth control prescription and was thrown into suicidal ideation.” Dr. Ruzzo said. “Luckily, I recognized this was due to the change in medication. The medical research gender gap and medical research race gap have had profound and devastating impacts on available diagnostics, treatment, and care, and adyn seeks to make scientific discovery more inclusive.”

Adyn starts finding individualized medicine with its test kit, which you can take from the comfort of your own home. Users simply complete the test and return the kit back to the pharmaceutical startup company.

Results from the test kit allow the precision medicine startup business to access the user’s hormone level as well as any genetic risk for specific side effects like blood clots and depression. Birth control specialists at the startup business then use this information alongside medical history and side effect profiles to determine the best contraceptive option for the patient. Birth control test kits from the startup company are slated to ship later this year.

Capturing the Contraceptive Market

Market research projects the US contraceptive market to reach $10 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 4.3%. The startup pharmaceutical company seeks to disrupt the industry by providing individualized contraceptive recommendations based on the user’s unique biology. Others in the birth control business primarily rely on questionnaires to provide birth control recommendations, whereas Adyn stands out to investors and customers by implementing testing kits and precision science.

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