Adidas and Peloton Are Teaming to Release an Exclusive Apparel Line

By Adriaan Brits Thursday, March 18, 2021

German sportswear business Adidas has partnered with the popular fitness equipment company Peloton to create sport training and lifestyle merchandise.

Peloton storefront; Adidas shoes.

Maximizing Opportunities

Adidas and Peloton are working together to release a completely new line of athletic apparel and lifestyle merchandise. The new line will be inclusive in sizes and will also offer unisex products.

“During a time where we are not able to be physically together, we have an incredible opportunity to help grow connected communities and continue to support people as they build their new fitness journeys at home,” said Aimee Arana, general manager of global training at Adidas.

Peloton’s popular fitness instructors, including Robin Arzon, Ally Love, and Cody Rigsby, took part in the designing process. Both companies worked closely to create styles focused on inclusivity for high-performance workouts and recovery days.

“Today is the beginning of an ongoing international partnership that will unite us and Peloton in a journey to transform sport. With Peloton’s innovation in fitness, technology, and media, and our legacy in co-creation we are joining forces to further foster a sense of community and acceptance, while empowering people to be the best version of themselves,” Adidas said on their website.

Both companies are expected to launch on March 25 in selected stores of both companies. Among other things, Peloton will help Adidas to release tees, hoodies, shorts, crewnecks, sport pants, etc. Prices will range between $30 and $85.

The partnership with Adidas marks the first-ever global-level instructor-designed collaboration for Peloton. The fitness equipment company already sells gear and accessories made by Lululemon and Nike.

The fitness equipment business gained immense popularity in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to workout at home. Given the rapid rise in the popularity of Peloton’s fitness products, market analysts were expecting the company to maximize the presented opportunity and team up with other companies to generate higher business revenues.

It's clear established brands and retailers are taking notice and partnering up; we expect multiple beneficiaries to emerge,” BMO Capital Markets analysts said in a recent memo sent to clients.

Adidas CEO Kasper Bo Rørsted hinted at a partnership with Peloton during an Investor Day that took place on Tuesday.


Peloton and German sportswear business Adidas are teaming to create new training and lifestyle gear, inspired by Peloton’s popular fitness instructors, including Robin Arzon, Ally Love, and Cody Rigsby.

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