Cybersecurity Startup Company ActZero Announces Public Launch and $40 Million Investment

By McKenzie Carpenter Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Security is a valuable component of people’s lives and livelihoods, which has resulted in tremendous growth for cybersecurity ever since the invention of the computer and the Internet. ActZero, a cybersecurity AI startup company, announced today that it will be going public.

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About the AI Cybersecurity Business

ActZero is a software development startup company that makes cybersecurity accessible and scalable to small and mid-size businesses through the use of AI technology. The mission of the AI tech business is to automate operations, scale resources, identify cyber vulnerabilities, and eliminate threats to help small and mid-size businesses with coverage.

The AI tech business was founded in 2019 by Sameer Bhalotra in Seattle, Washington, and has four core values: execution of service, trust, customer focus, and continuous improvement.

Founder and CEO of the startup company, Sameer Bhalotra, said, “We custom-built ActZero to provide best-in-class cybersecurity efficiently for the businesses that need it most...To realize our vision, we’ve combined the power of artificial intelligence with the unique strengths of human threat hunters. We believe this combination represents the future of cybersecurity — as well as the key to unlocking the promise of artificial intelligence.”

Today, the cybersecurity startup company announced it will be going public. In addition to that, the business also stated it has raised $40 million in a seed round of funding from Point72 Hyperscale, a fund that focuses on AI business. As part of the public launch, IntelliGo, the AI tech company ActZero acquired in 2020, will be rebranded to reflect a unified front under the ActZero name.

Dan Dwak, head of Point72 Hyperscale, said, “ActZero has developed an elegant solution for addressing the most pressing security concerns of SMBs today with its unified, AI-powered platform...ActZero is unique in its appreciation for and realization of a combined people and automation model. We believe that ActZero has the potential to transform how security solutions are delivered to help businesses achieve better security posture more affordably. We’re excited to partner with them on this critical journey.”

Other AI Business News

ActZero is not the only cybersecurity startup company to make headlines. Other AI tech and cybersecurity businesses are becoming more prevalent around the world. While the industry may be a male-dominated field, Startup Savant reported on some women and women-led companies that are making waves in the industry.

Several AI companies have had tremendous success, resulting in more than $1 billion in funding per business. Furthermore, AI tech startup companies like Refraction AI and Nanit are looking to make an impact in their respective sectors of the AI industry.

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