Accelerating Cloud-Native Modernization in the Middle East and North Africa — Bahwan CyberTek and Lightbend Partner

By McKenzie Carpenter Sunday, February 21, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are searching for ways to streamline or improve upon their digital platforms. Technology businesses have been able to provide a crucial service to those looking for innovative ideas. With the partnership between Bahwan CyberTek, a technology company that provides digital transformations, and Lightbend, a technology business that leads in cloud-native architecture, the two companies will expand their expertise to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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What Is Bahwan CyberTek?

Bahwan CyberTek, or BCT, is a technology business that helps companies digitally transform through IP-led solutions. In addition, the technology business solutions span across digital journey management, predictive analytics, digital customer experience, payments and citizen services, and education.

The technology company specializes in several key industries, including energy, logistics, retail, oil and gas, telecommunications, and banking, financial services, and insurance, or BFSI. The business has numerous awards and works alongside many Fortune 500 companies, with over one thousand customers worldwide. Founder and Chairperson of the business, Hind Bahwan, was even named to Forbes’ Middle East 50 Power Businesswomen list in 2021.

What Is Lightbend?

Lightbend is a technology company that provides scalable, high-performance microservices with real-time, cloud-native applications to create engaging experiences for customers every day. To date, the company has raised $77.1 million from 13 different investors across eight funding rounds.

The most popular creation by the company is the Akka Platform. The platform allows businesses to build, deploy, and run large-scale applications that support their company-critical plans. Big names like Capital One, Adobe, AT&T, John Deere, Citi, BP, and many others are current customers of the business.

The Partnership and MENA Expansion

With the new partnership between the two companies, BCT and Lightbend will be able to expand their expertise to the MENA region. As the MENA region focuses on modernizing cloud applications, the Akka Platform from the business will give customers of the other company advantages in building cloud-native microservices that are responsive, scalable, and distributed.

S. Vishwanathan, executive vice president of the business, said, “Our partnership with Lightbend comes at a time when many digital transformation initiatives across the region have been driven to high levels of maturity.” He added, “Akka Platform is a great addition and complements our range of specialized IP and services offerings. More importantly, BCT is now better positioned to speed up digital transformation projects and facilitate faster go-lives with our outcome-based business models.”

Each company is taking an active part in the massive market of cloud-enabling technologies. The market was worth an estimated $33.18 billion in 2019 — CAGR of 8.8%. The market is expected to reach $67.57 billion by 2027.

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