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New York Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

When registering a business in New York (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc), never make the costly mistake of neglecting the necessary New York business licenses. Your business licenses in New York are required before you can legally transact a business.

Now, here’s the challenge. Almost all businesses require some form of New York business license and permit to operate at the federal, state, and local levels. At the federal level, you may be required to obtain a Federal EIN by the IRS.

At the state level, the New York Department of State, Department of Taxation and Finance, and other state agencies impose the many different types of business licenses.

For the local level, each county and city also have their own set of business licenses that range from general business licenses, occupational licenses, etc. To boot, health permits, zoning permits, sign permits, and sales tax license, may also be required, all depending on the type of business you will operate.

As a newbie entrepreneur, this guide helps you successfully complete this statutory requirement by connecting you to the right government agencies and business services that can help determine the business license requirements and the necessary application procedures.


1) New York License Center Business Wizard

Business WebsiteThe state’s Business Wizard is a vital tool for the completion of not just New York business licenses, but also in other tasks involved in starting a business.

To start off, the Business Wizard has a tool that allows you to obtain requirements for a New York business by selecting through a list of business types.

From there, you will be asked a series of questions. At the end of the session, you will get a summary of the business licenses required and additional information necessary to start your business. In addition, entrepreneurs can also gain access to a list of license profiles of the New York state by agency.

If you’re searching for information related to licenses, permits, business types, and other business related data, you can also use the Business’ Wizard’s search tool. As well, you can also view previous sessions with the View Previous Session tool provided you have a Business Wizard ID.


2) The NYC Business Express

For that one-stop shop that provides entrepreneurs with every imaginable information when it comes to licenses, permits, tax incentive applications as well as applications and forms required to start a business, the NYC Business Express is the site to go.

An online tool for entrepreneurs, the NYC Business Express is as comprehensive as it gets; it provides encompassing support, learning materials, and other valuable resources when starting a business. Most importantly, this online tool contains a section where you can find out how to apply for the requisite business licenses, permits, and certifications to get started.

The site also features NYC starter guides that can walk you through the startup of different kinds of businesses.


3) New York SBDC

Another valuable resource for business licenses and permits and the corresponding regulations with each requirement is the New York SBDC.

A section of New York SBDC’s website tackles Regulatory Guidance, providing you information and other various resources on completing various regulatory issues. Specific regulations for a number of topics including permits and licenses are also found on this section.


4) NYC Resources

The NYC Resources offers different kinds of help for startup entrepreneurs. From the process of starting a business to finding specific business regulations to employment and finances, you can find every help you need here.

The Find a Business Regulation tool helps you in searching for specific city, state, as well as federal regulations like licenses and permits so you can begin operations in New York City. It also provides entrepreneurs with the most comprehensive lists of certifications, incentives, inspections, licenses for both business and individual, permits, programs, registrations, resources, rules and regulations, signage requirements, taxes, trainings and accreditations, and violations to help you start, operate, and run a business.

As a final reminder, any changes to your business operations or your business for that matter might require a renewal of a business license or a new license needs to be obtained altogether. When this happens, make sure that you complete the necessary requirements on time, as doing so can eventually lead you on the right road to success.

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