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New Hampshire Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

There are a myriad of requirement deliverables that you must accomplish when registering a small business in New Hampshire, but one of the most important requirements that also enables you to run your business legally is New Hampshire business licenses and permits.

Now the trickiest part of meeting all these New Hampshire business license obligations is to know which requirements are applicable to your specific business. Because there are several federal, state, and even local business licenses that must be obtained before you can start business operations legally.

There are certain businesses that are required to obtain a federal license, while there are also business licenses in New Hampshire that are specific to the state. At times, even at the local level, entrepreneurs are also required to procure additional licenses and permits.

Business licenses are not a one-time thing as well. In most cases, any change in the operations of your business merits an update or a renewal of specific business licenses and permits as well. To obtain all the necessary licenses and permits, you must have a good working knowledge of the requirements and how to accomplish it.

To further help you acquire the required business licenses, this guide provides a number of reliable business license resources.


1) New Hampshire Government

Business WebsiteMost of the time, you tend to overlook the best resource to find all the information you need to obtain the required New Hampshire business licenses. The New Hampshire government website provides a wealth of information to completing all the necessary business license requirements.

A ‘Doing Business’ section is dedicated to all aspects of starting a New Hampshire business. A complete list on business licenses and permits are provided there; from environment permits to professional licenses. Each of the listed licenses and permits are linked to a specific page of the corresponding government agency in charge of the specific license.

Included in the list as well are information on business taxes, corporate forms, employer resources, federal government resources, import and export information, and tips on starting, doing a business and expanding or relocating a business. All in all, the New Hampshire government website is as comprehensive as any business license resource out there that you should not miss to use when you’re starting a small business.

2) New Hampshire Business Licenses Directory

The New Hampshire Business Licenses Directory gives entrepreneurs a working idea of what business licenses in the state are all about. Then, a list of statewide and county-specific licenses and permits are included.

In each county, a link is provided that directs you to a comprehensive discussion on business licenses and permits on that specific county. Then, links and costs to these licenses are also included. If you’re looking for specific business licenses, this resource is a good starting point because it provides specific links for each county’s requirements.

3)  City Applications – New Hampshire

In line with informative guides on completing New Hampshire business licenses and permits, the City Applications New Hampshire article provides entrepreneurs with a clearer picture on every aspect of this task.

Aspects such as registering your business, state licensing requirements, and local licensing requirements are thoroughly discussed in the guide. At the end of the guide, a link to Manchester and Nashua counties are provided so you can proceed on to completing business licensing requirements for these counties.

4) How to Get a Small Business License in New Hampshire

Nolo has been providing entrepreneurs across the country with valuable information when it comes to all the tasks involved in starting, operating and running a business.

The How to Get a Small Business License in New Hampshire guide is no exception. A comprehensive guide, this article outlines where to get small business information programs, file records for your specific form of business, where to get professional licensing, how to register trade names and trademarks, and any additional information you might need to complete New Hampshire business license requirements. The guide also contains some substantial links for further information.

This article is only an informational guide, so caution should always be exercised not to treat this article as a legal document or advice. If you’re looking to know more about the legal specifics of New Hampshire business licenses or starting a business in New Hampshire, seek the expert advice of a business lawyer.

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