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Nevada Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

When you’re registering a small business in Nevada (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc), it is important to take care of the required Nevada business licenses, permits, and certifications to be compliant and to remain in good standing with the state for the entire duration of business operations.

While this is easier said than done because of the amount of paperwork required to obtain the necessary licenses, this is part of your responsibility as a Nevada business owner. There are some key points you must understand to obtain all the necessary licenses.

One, your Nevada business license is not limited to one or two types, licenses can range from the federal, state, and local levels. This means that you have to sort out every requirement at each level and fulfill each of those requirements to avoid any penalties.

Two, there are one-time business licenses, but there are also licenses that require renewal or even regular update so keep in mind that this is an ongoing process.

Three, there are several reliable resources you can use to jumpstart the process of obtaining all these business licenses in Nevada. To better help you, this guide has come up with those reliable resources you can refer to with regard to business licenses completion.


1) Nevada Secretary of State Official Website

When it comes to business licenses in Nevada, there’s no more reliable source than the Nevada Secretary of State official website. The site offers a wealth of information when it comes to state business licensing. It also has an Online Services application that allows entrepreneurs to file for business licensing.

A checklist for new businesses is also included in the Online Services section to guide newbie entrepreneurs on the basic steps to forming a business. A special section for State Business License is also found at the SOS official website, directing entrepreneurs towards the right information on everything related to business licenses.

For all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about state business licenses, this FAQ section also gives entrepreneurs insights on all topics related to state business licenses from annual renewal fees and due dates, costs of business licenses, penalties, businesses exempted from state business licensing, and more.


2) SilverFlume

While other states have business portals that are a source of information related to every facet of starting a business, Nevada has SilverFlume.  Launched in 2012, this Nevada business portal is an indispensable tool that assists entrepreneurs in starting, operating, and running their businesses, helping Nevada’s economy grow in the process.

Since the portal has a very detailed list of the necessary startup steps, it has a number of links to help complete your business licenses in Nevada. From initial business license requirements to state business licenses, regulatory and professional licenses for service-oriented businesses, renewal of licenses, to local business license renewals.

SilverFlume is one resource that must always be your go-to not just when you’re completing business licenses, but basically when you’re starting a small business in Nevada.


3) Nevada SBDC

The Nevada Small Business Development Center is a non-profit organization that is in partnership with the state government to provide full service assistance programs and services to small startup entrepreneurs. In line with this, there is a special section dedicated to licenses and permits in Nevada, including a list of the counties and links to each county.

Each of the listing contains a concise description of the forms and the requisite filings for compliance of business startup requirements at the local level. The information is presented in a step-by-step guide so entrepreneurs can really follow the standard procedure in starting a business.

Included in the guide is a comprehensive list of governing agencies in-charge of each corresponding license, complete with an address, website, and contact number.


4) Nevada Business Licenses Directory

Another important source to completing your obligations for business licenses in Nevada is the Nevada Business Licenses Directory. In keeping up with providing comprehensive information about business licenses, this website lists down the necessary links to various licenses at the state level and then at each county’s level from Churchill County to White Pine County.

The listings are complete with contact information and a link that directs you to more information about that specific license.

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