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MyCorporation LLC Review

Is It Right For You? (Pros, Cons & More)

MyCorporation LLC ReviewAre you ready to start an LLC and considering using an online provider? Put off by all the legalese and red tape? Or maybe you’ve noticed how poorly designed many official state resource sites are, leading you down a frustrating road.

To supplement your own research, my team and I spend hundreds of hours poring over the details of all the major LLC formation services. We like to think we’re as objective as possible, but after reviewing all these services in detail, we obviously have favorites.

The point of these reviews though isn’t to push my personal preference, but to help you understand which service is right for your unique business. Keep that in mind as you read this MyCorporation LLC review. By going over pros and cons, pricing, features and more, you’ll discover if they’re a good fit, or if you need to look elsewhere. Enjoy!

MyCorporation Pros & Cons


  1. With rates that start at $69, they’re one of the least expensive options for forming an LLC online.

  2. MyCorporation has served over a million businesses in their 20 years of operation. I feel that really speaks to their legitimacy and consistency.

  3. Their customer reviews are fantastic, as they have near-perfect scores on every site I could find with a significant number of online reviews.

  4. Free Learning Center packed with well-produced eBooks, webinars, guides and other resources that could come in handy whether you’re launching or maintaining your business.

  5. If you have room in your budget and require ongoing services, their MaintainMyBiz tool costs $250 — or a $100 package upgrade to the Premium level — and allows you to choose 4 filings over the next 12 months. From LLC operating agreements to foreign qualifications, there’s solid value here, if they’re services you need anyway, of course.


  1. MyCorporation doesn’t include registered agent service at their Basic or Standard levels, while IncFile includes six months to a year of registered agent in all of their packages – and at a lower price point.

MyCorporation Pricing & Features

With MyCorporation, you have 4 choices for LLC formation packages: Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium.

Quick Note: The chart shows pricing and features for forming an LLC or Corporation and the state filing fees will differ depending on where you are forming a business. Also, MyCorporation has packages with different features for nonprofits as well.

MyCorporation New Pricing

To figure out which one’s best for you, let’s take a look at the core differences between these four options with standard filing prices in Alabama which has a $150 LLC filing fee.


Basic = $69 + State Fee

What It Includes: Barebones option with formation filing essentials, Name Availability Search (AL charges a $28 Name Reservation fee), Articles of Organization and limited customer support.

Who It’s Right For: Knowledgeable entrepreneurs who don’t need customer support and only want basic filing assistance. Quick and inexpensive. NOT a good idea if you have zero legal representation and essentially no idea what you’re doing.


Standard = $99 + State Fee

What It Includes: This package builds on the foundation of the Basic tier, adding unlimited support, an operating agreement, transfer ledger and membership certificates.

Who It’s Right For: If you don’t need a lot of features but appreciate the unlimited customer service, this is a solid basic formation package. Just keep in mind MyCorporation technically can’t provide actual legal advice like a lawyer or business attorney can. 


Deluxe = $199 + State Fee

What It Includes: The only difference between Standard and Deluxe is the addition of registered agent service. 

Who It’s Right For: If you like the Standard package, but also want registered agent under the same roof rather than working with another private contractor, or another service provider, this is an option.


Premium = $299 + State Fee

What It Includes: This package includes everything from the Deluxe package, but adds MaintainMyBiz services. MaintainMyBiz allows you to use 4 additional filings over next 12 months, including LLC operating agreements and foreign qualifications.

Who It’s Right For: Business owners who expect to require ongoing legal document solutions.

In addition, you can add any of the 12 extra features in the screenshot below. The four to pay attention to in my opinion would be:

  • EIN
  • MyCorpVault for convenience.
  • The Business License Compliance package.
  • The Elite LLC Member Kit

My Corporation Pricing Addons

Honestly, it’s a bit of a letdown they don’t include an employer identification number (EIN), custom operating agreement or LLC kit in any of their packages. For example, IncFile includes all three in their Gold ($149) and Platinum ($299) packages. That said, you may like having all the optional upgrades rather than being forced into pre-packed services.


Recommended Package

We don’t like the idea of limited customer service, so let’s set aside the Basic option. Deluxe seems to be the best option for most business owners because you’ll likely need registered agent service. If you think you might need the 4 additional filings, Premium is a good deal too because you get them for only $100.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsMyCorporation certainly has a lot of happy customers. No company can please everyone, especially when you’ve served over a million customers, but they come close.Reading through their reviews, the biggest selling points with their former customers are the knowledgeable MyCorporation support agents and how quickly they work (turnaround times).

Reading through their reviews, the biggest selling points with their former customers are the knowledgeable MyCorporation support agents and how quickly they work (turnaround times).

Customer Reviews Section Last Updated: 7-13-17

Conclusion: With how few customers have complaints of any kind, MyCorporation definitely scores some points with their top-rate customer feedback.

How Does MyCorporation Compare?

MyCorporation ComparisonWith how much time I’ve spent analyzing these services, I’ve noticed some unquestionably offer more value than others. It all comes down to a combination of pricing and features. Who nails that sweet spot for you?

Considering they’ve served over a million customers, MyCorporation is certainly a popular option. It’s always a good idea to see how they stack up against the competition though, so let’s round out this MyCorporation LLC review by seeing how they compare to my personal favorite, IncFile.

Pricing: IncFile’s base package is just $49, a savings of $20 over MyCorporation. 

Features: IncFile includes a full year of registered agent service with all their packages, and their top two packages include custom operating agreements, tax ID numbers (EIN) and custom LLC kits — three features MyCorporation doesn’t include in any package. However, IncFile doesn’t have anything that compares to MyCorporation’s MaintainMyBiz future filings discount.

Turnaround Time: MyCorporation doesn’t publish estimated turnaround times on their website, but if you contact their service department, you’ll find in general they’re faster than IncFile. For instance, MyCorporation can complete a filing in Arizona in 10-20 days, whereas with IncFile it can take up to 8 weeks.

Customer Support: I tested the customer support systems of both IncFile and MyCorporation, and I’m happy to tell you they’re both excellent. Both take minimal amounts of time to reach a rep, and those reps are friendly and helpful. MyCorporation’s phone support is available for one more hour per day than IncFile’s, but that tiny difference isn’t enough to sway anyone. They’re equal in this department.

Businesses Formed So Far: IncFile has helped form 100,000+ businesses since 2004, but even more impressively MyCorporation lays claim to over 1 million since 1995.


  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick formation

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 1 million+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking to work with a company that has a solid track record

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Just Form a Business Myself?

Everything MyCorporation does for LLC formation is something you could do yourself, they’re just the next best option if you can’t afford a business attorney or law firm. Working with a provider like this allows you to focus on running your business, while they take care of the core paperwork. Also, considering their experience, I know for me personally they’re more likely to quickly file error-free documents than I am.

If you’re set on the DIY approach, make sure to check out our guides for forming
LLCs and Corporations.

What’s Their Refund Policy?

In their own words, “MyCorporation will refund the total payment less twenty five dollars ($25.00) as a payment processing fee on all orders cancelled prior to the completion of preliminary name check.” Beyond that, they’ll refund your money less $50.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

MyCorporation spells out their pricing models quite clearly. We certainly wouldn’t expect any surprises.

How About Ongoing Support?

MyCorporation’s MaintainMyBiz services are excellent for ongoing support, but they do cost extra. Whether or not you choose to use MaintainMyBiz, MyCorporation’s customer service reps are available via phone or live chat on weekdays 7a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST).

Is My Information Secure?

Nothing is ever 100% safe in the digital world, but their security and privacy standards are as good or better as most other sites. We’re quite confident using their services.

Does MyCorporation Offer Ongoing Support?

They certainly do. Their service reps are highly trained and based in the US, and they’re available from 10am-8pm ET Monday through Friday. You can also email or live chat at your convenience.

Should You Use MyCorporation?

For me, MyCorporation gets a 4.6/5 score. Their low rates and excellent customer reviews are a combination that puts them near the front of the pack. Of course, if they don’t seem like the right provider for you, click the green button below to examine our top 7 LLC formation services.

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