My New Company vs LegalZoom: Which is Better?

My New Company Vs LegalZoom

Welcome to the Startup Savant comparative article covering the MyNewCompany vs LegalZoom controversy. Some people find it tough to decide between the two and this helpful little guide does a good job of summarizing their commonalities, feature selection, packages, and pricing all in one place complete with helpful screenshots.

And don’t worry, if you’re still in an indecisive mood in a couple minutes from now we’ve got our recommended pick at the end. Enjoy!

What My New Company & LegalZoom Have in Common

Cool? We started with their commonalities to reinforce the fact that no matter which one you choose, you’ll be in good hands. They’ll get things taken care of and make the process a cake walk without the (potential) hassles and (much higher) cost of working with a law firm.

What Sets Them Apart

  • Has a super-user-friendly website that’s fabulously organized and easy to navigate.
  • Provides a free startup guide specific to the client’s state.
  • Maintains a 98% customer recommendation rate.
  • You get annual checklists to help keep your company squeaky clean and compliant.
  • Provides clients with easy-to-answer questionnaires to help ensure that they don’t make mistakes while filling up legal forms and documents.
  • LegalZoom has an automatic checker that makes sure that purchased forms and filled-up documents are error-free.
  • It’s one of the few providers that offers legal advice and will answer legal questions. LegalZoom can arrange a meeting with an affordable attorney.

Pricing: My New Company vs LegalZoom

My New Company STARTS AT $79

My New Company’s package options are the Basic, Entrepreneur and Complete. While other providers create huge text-walls to show everything included, they make the beginning of the process and assessing price variations a bit easier.

All three packages have basic features such as immediate delivery of scanned filings, order tracking tool, compliance tool, unlimited phone/email support, lifelong access to “My Account”, free company alerts and free shipping.

  • Basic: unlimited name availability searches, articles of organization filing, personalized organizational minutes, personalized LLC operating agreement, The New LLC Handbook, startup checklist, free business tax consultation and free marketing consultation.
  • Entrepreneur: package has all the basic features and services of the Basic package with a few good additions like Registered Agent Service, Compliance Lock and the Business Credit Wizard.
  • Complete: Additional services such as Compliance Lock and the Business Credit Wizard. Fabulous value.

If you compare My New Company’s prices from LegalZoom, you can see that it is much cheaper. At $79, you will be able to start incorporating your business and save $70 in the process.

For an in depth look at the features you get with My New Company, check out our comprehensive review.


LegalZoom STARTS AT $149

Like My New Company, LegalZoom also has three very straightforward package options: Economy, Standard and Express Gold.

Considered to have the best value is the Express Gold. It has all the features that you could ask for. Aside from this, the Express Gold package also has a priority turnaround of 7 to 10 days, so you’ll immediately get your filed documents. LegalZoom’s packages are undeniably higher than My New Company’s, but it also has a lot of features that are unique only to the company.

For an in depth look at the features you get with LegalZoom, check out our comprehensive review.

Which Should You Choose?

They’re a very popular option in the industry no doubt about it. They also can incorporate your business fast and at an affordable price.

At the end of the day though, with My New Company you’ll save between $70-$80 and still have a service you can rely on.

Save $70+ With My New Company