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Missouri Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

It is a given that when you’re incorporating a small business in Missouri, there are also corresponding licenses, permits, and other certifications you need to obtain so as to operate as a legal entity in the state. Missouri business licenses vary at the federal, state, and local levels such that caution should be exercised when completing each license type.

While there are licenses for professional services, there are also those required when you operate a certain business type (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc), plus zoning permits in addition to these licenses.  The bottom line is that the process of completing the Missouri business license requirements is complicated and quite challenging.

However, doing this will ensure that authorities and government agencies won’t be breathing down your neck and chasing after your business. A working knowledge and good grasp of what you need to do are keys to successfully accomplish this task. To help you with business licenses in Missouri, Startup Savant provides you with business license resources.


1) Missouri Business Portal

Business WebsiteThe Missouri Business Portal is an essential go-to when you’re starting a business in the state. From starting, growing, and managing your business to learning about incentives and financing and training and workforce, the Missouri Business Portal provides entrepreneurs with comprehensive information on these aspects.

At the Register my Business section, a vast resource on Missouri business licenses and permits necessary to operate legally are enumerated. Links to various federal, state, and local agencies that assist in the completion of certain requirements are also included.


2) Missouri Business Development Program

As it is important that every requirement to your business licenses should be completed, this complete licenses and registration checklist from the Missouri Business Development Program should provide a complete guide to help you cover all the bases.

From the moment you register a business name and its necessary links to sales tax number processing to obtaining a federal identification number to requirements when hiring employees, everything is provided here. Additional resources as it pertains to further help a Missouri small business grow and thrive are also featured in the checklist.


3) City of Springfield Official Website

In line with providing thorough information when it comes to the process of starting, operating and running a Missouri small business, the City of Springfield Official Website has a section dedicated to providing a wide range of coverage everything related to business licensing.

From a rundown of business licensing basics and the necessary requirements to examples of the license requirements for completion to additional business resources that help in the smooth operation of your Missouri business.

Together with the different licenses and its corresponding requirements are contact information and the official links to the governing agency implementing the specific license, allowing entrepreneurs the convenience of going directly to the website to begin the process of completing the requirements.


4) Missouri Source Link

With the goal of linking Missouri businesses to the right resources, the Missouri Source Link provides a special section for Registrations, Licenses, and Permits. First off, you’ll be given important links when forming a business organization using the appropriate structure.

From there, a link to the Secretary of State’s website as well as the physical address of the office are provided to register your business, which is one of the requirements to operate. Then a number of link resources to procure different licenses and permits are given in the page.

It also provides entrepreneurs with a Starting a Business checklist from the Missouri SBDC so you can compare what you have accomplished and what still needs to be accomplished when starting your own business.

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