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Your Mississippi Startup Toolkit: 6 Solid Resources

Startup Tools and Resources

Today, it’s not only enough that you start a business successfully, but how you start it is also a determining factor to its success. When starting a business in Mississippi, you can form a business while keeping startup costs to a minimum, maximizing time, and reducing the effort invested for each task.

This is all possible when you use various Mississippi business resources.  This guide presents various Mississippi small business resources you can make use of to jumpstart a business more efficiently and faster without emptying your bank account.

Welcome to your Mississippi startup toolkit!


1) Business Plan Software

Write a Business PlanA business plan software covers a host of tools and features that allow entrepreneurs to create various kinds of business plans for different purposes. From document creation tools, import capabilities to a variety of other features, a business plan software helps you create a well-written business plan.


LivePlan is currently one of the most widely used business plan software today because of its powerful features. LivePlan asks several key relevant questions and then inserts your answers to a ready-made template.

In addition, a walkthrough of the entire business plan writing process will also be provided. At a basic plan of $11.66 per month, LivePlan is an effective tool for startup entrepreneurs.

Business Plan Pro

Aside from being an easy-to-use business plan software, Business Plan Pro also provides a plethora of useful resources to guide you in business planning. Business planning books and courses as well as wizards and templates are also included in Business Plan Pro with a standard package price starting at $99.95.


2) Online Incorporation

LLC IncorporationWith the growing number of entrepreneurs looking to have their businesses incorporated in an easy and convenient way, LLC filing services have also grown in popularity. These service providers offer the basic incorporation and registered agent services.


As the cheapest incorporation service provider at $49, IncFile provides high quality services that include incorporation, registered agent services, getting an employer identification number, custom-made Operating Agreement and more.


LegalZoom is ideal for newbie entrepreneurs who need to be guided through the entire incorporation process. LegalZoom breaks down the incorporation process by asking a series of questions to help find the right business structure. The Economy package to get started on the incorporation process is at $149.


3) Build a Business Website

How to Incorporate a Business OnlineA business without a website is missing out on the vital significance of online presence. A website not only represents your business’ brand, but it is a marketing tool as well. Now, with the variety of powerful web design and development tools, you can create a customized website much more easily.


Get started on a professional-looking, fully customized website with the help of Bluehost. This web host solutions provider easily allows for WordPress integration so you can come up with a website. With a user-friendly dashboard, no technical expertise is needed to design a website. The basic plan package for a Bluehost web hosting starts at $71.40/year.


4) Small Business Accounting Software

Manage Your Business FinancesA small business accounting software is an application software that performs various accounting transactions which also features a variety of functional modules and tools for small businesses.

Aside from processing accounting transactions, a small business accounting software also integrates features as reports generation, financial analysis, financial transaction tracking, and bookkeeping tasks.


FreshBooks is accounting made easy through its various tools and modules that are so easy to use even for entrepreneurs who have no background in accounting. Aside from standard automated accounting features, FreshBooks also has an expense tracking tool, expense report generation tool, time tracker tool, and more for a starting package of $9.95/month.


QuickBooks makes bookkeeping tasks easier with its tools that allow for bookkeeping automation to manage business finances. QuickBooks also has a bank reconciliation tool, expense tracking tool, sync, link, as well as import financial data via QuickBooks online, and more. QuickBooks is also available at an affordable rate of $10.36 per month.


5) Startup Savant’s Free Resources

Aside from this Mississippi startup toolkit we have prepared, Startup Savant also features a number of free resources that are designed to assist you in various parts of the startup process. These free resources are specifically created for Mississippi entrepreneurs who are looking into forming a business.

These resources range from how-to guides on forming businesses with different structures, informational guides on business funding, hiring a registered agent, business taxes and licenses, and more.


6) Mississippi Startup Assistance Resources

With the emergence of small businesses, there are also a lot of Mississippi business resources that are available to assist a startup entrepreneur. From government agencies, non-profit organizations, and startup incubators and accelerators. Our guide on startup assistance resources has a roundup of these valuable links.


Wrapping Up and Staying Frugal

Every task within the business startup process requires money, time, and effort. With mounting startup costs, time invested and effort exerted, it is crucial that you start business operations as soon as possible to get a return on investments.

To accomplish the challenge of a smooth business startup, always be a savvy entrepreneur every step of the way! The skillful use of various Mississippi business resources can make a big difference in starting your business successfully!

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