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Mississippi Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

Registering a small business in Mississippi requires that you obtain the necessary Mississippi business licenses to operate legally. Licenses, permits, and certifications may be required at the federal, state, and county levels, so it is good to have a working knowledge on all the requirements for Mississippi business licenses.

However, the good thing about starting a business is that not all businesses require state licensing. This applies for certain businesses depending on type (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc), so it is still crucial that you have sufficient knowledge about which business types are exempt from state licensing and which require both local and state licensing.

Business licenses in Mississippi are an important aspect to operating a legal entity, so utmost care in completing these requirements should be exercised. Additionally, if you fail to obtain the required licenses, you fall out of good standing with the state. Fines, penalties, and even the suspension of license and permit issuance, until the state approves otherwise, can be imposed.

In order to avoid these ordeals, this guide presents a few business license resources to obtain the licenses and permits you need to operate.


1) Mississippi Official State Website

When it comes to comprehensive information with regard to Mississippi business licenses and permits, always check with the Mississippi official state website. Aside from professional and business licensing information, the website also provides various state business resources, as well as guides on business formation.

2) Mississippi Business Licenses Directory

If you’re looking for any specific business license that applies to your Mississippi business, the Mississippi Business Licenses Directory points you in the right direction. This valuable tool is an online database that provides a list of each city and county’s agencies in charge of the business licenses you may need to obtain.

Complete contact details are provided, as well as the physical address of the agency so you can immediately follow the link and process for business licenses.

3) Mississippi Small Business Development Center

The Mississippi Small Business Development Center generally provides assistance to startups. A special FAQ section is included in the website to address a variety of questions concerning business licenses and permits.

Together with the answers to these common license and permit questions, a list of government agencies in charge of issuing a specific license are also enumerated in the section. The list also has links to ensure that you can go directly to the main website of the agency to complete your license obligations.

4) Mississippi Resource Guide for Small Businesses

The Mississippi Resource Guide for Small Businesses may be a general guide on how to start a Mississippi business but it also offers a lot of valuable information when it comes to business licenses and permits in the state. A thorough discussion on the different types of licenses in both state, county, and city levels are discussed and that includes professional licenses as well.

Building codes, permits, and zoning requirements are also discussed in connection with starting a business. Licenses are clearly explained to give small business entrepreneurs sufficient knowledge to process their license obligations.

5) Business Licenses

Business Licenses lives up to its motto of licensing simplified by providing a straightforward tool to assist entrepreneurs in finding the licenses and permits applicable to your business by county.

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