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Your Minnesota Startup Toolkit: 6 Solid Resources

Startup Tools and Resources

Starting a business in Minnesota always comes with struggles and challenges, but the way to get things done without having to constantly scramble to stay above water is to be savvy and practical.

You must stay ahead of everyone by being updated on the latest business trends, using new business tools, and utilizing various Minnesota small business resources.

There are many Minnesota business resources to get you started successfully; the key is to use the ones that correspond to your specific business requirements. To get the ball rolling, we have compiled a number of resources for your Minnesota startup, carefully selected to help start your business successfully.

Welcome to your Minnesota startup toolkit!


1) Business Plan Software

Write a Business PlanA business plan software, simply put, is an application that helps create a business plan. This tool comes in various forms providing step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, business samples and templates or all of these; so that a customized business plan can be created.


LivePlan is an excellent business planning software for startups because it provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to write a strong business plan. A combination of video and text tutorials including business samples and templates also come with this tool. The basic LivePlan package starts at $11.66/month billed yearly.


PlanGuru is a forecasting, budgeting, and performance review tool all rolled into one. It is an effective tool that helps put order into your business financial plan through various forecasting tools and methods. The PlanGuru startup is available for $99.


2) Online Incorporation

LLC IncorporationOnline incorporation services have gained traction recently because they provide an easy and convenient alternative to personally doing the incorporation process. Now, you have the option to let online incorporation service providers do it for you.


CorpNet is an in-demand incorporation choice because it offers high quality service at one of the most affordable prices among its competitors. You also get a free one-on-one business tax consultation as part of the incorporation service. At a complete package of $79, your business can be legally incorporated.

My New Company

Combining quality service and affordable service, My New Company is a small incorporation service provider that truly knows the needs and challenges of first time entrepreneurs. MyNewCompany is a professional incorporation provider with a proven track record you can rely on. MyNewCompany’s incorporation package starts at $79.


3) Build a Business Website

How to Incorporate a Business OnlineA strong online presence translates to a boost in a business’ marketing strategy simply because a business website can reach a wider audience, increasing the potential for new costumers.

Gone are the days when you need to hire a web development team and pay thousands of dollar to design a business website. Now, there are tons of website design apps you can use even without any technical knowledge.


Bluehost is a leading web hosting solution that provides WordPress integration so you can design a professional-looking beautiful website even if you have no technical background. It has a very user-friendly dashboard too. A basic plan starts at $71.40 a year.


4) Small Business Accounting Software

Manage Your Business FinancesA small business accounting software is an application composed of business tools that aid in the process of simplifying and automating accounting, bookkeeping, among other business tasks.


FreshBooks is popular among startup entrepreneurs because it enables them to simplify accounting and other business tasks attributed to the tool’s very user-friendly features. It is not only comfortable to use, but it makes tasks easier and secure. The most affordable plan starts at $9.95 per month.


Xero is dubbed as the QuickBooks alternative because it provides a free QuickBooks conversion. Aside from this, Xero is known for its simplicity, facilitating ease of use. With a variety of features and tools, the Xero Starter package is available at $6.30 per month.


5) Startup Savant’s Free Resources

At Startup Savant, we understand the challenges and issues that come up when it comes to starting a business. With the goal to provide full support to startups, Startup Savant has come up with a collection of free resources on starting a business in Minnesota.

From how-to guides on forming an LLC, Corporation or Non-Profit to finding an excellent Registered Agent to filing a DBA to common business practices and mistakes, to various startup resources; we’ve got it all covered for the Minnesota small business entrepreneur.


6) Minnesota Startup Assistance Resources

This helpful guide on Minnesota startup assistance resources will provide you with five agencies/organizations that can help facilitate for the faster formation of your startup. Check this roundup of five helpful resources, complete with an overview and a link to the official website to further assist in your business startup.


Wrapping Up and Staying Frugal

At the end of the day, the quicker you can successfully start your Minnesota small business, the higher the chances of its growth and progress will be. When you start business sooner, you can save on startup costs and start earning profit.

The key to starting your business quick is the practical use of startup resources. This is what separates a successful entrepreneur from the mediocre ones. So if you want to belong to the former type, get started on finding those Minnesota business resources that are beneficial for your business.

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