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4 Awesome Minnesota Startup Assistance Resources

Startup Assistance Resources

When you’re forming a business with the state, accomplishing startup tasks and complying with requirements all just by yourself will be very difficult. As a startup entrepreneur, you should look into various startup assistance resources to help jumpstart your business without overspending on startup costs.

This allows you to start on a good path, paving the way as well to a more successful startup. There are tons of business startup assistance resources you can use, but the key consideration is that it should be able to address your specific business needs and requirements.

These startup resources focus on various aspects of getting tasks done, giving invaluable information and tips so you can start successfully.


1) Minnesota Business Counseling

Hold a Meeting with Your Board of DirectorsGetting expert advice and counseling from professionals who are highly qualified in various business fields is an invaluable support to a startup entrepreneur like you. The perfect Minnesota business counseling for startups is the Minnesota Small Business Development Center.

With the Minnesota SBDC, startup entrepreneurs receive professional guidance and expertise through one-on-one personalized business counseling for free. The expert and highly skilled SBDC counselors offer realistic and relevant business advice on a wide variety of business areas.

In addition, the Minnesota SBDC also schedules periodic training programs and other specialized services at a very minimal fee or no cost at all.


2) Startup Savant’s Free Minnesota Resources

Startup SavantStartup Savant has carefully put together a number of how-to guides and informational articles on starting a business in Minnesota. Especially focused for the Minnesota small business entrepreneur, these free resources give you valuable tips and insights on how you can immediately kickstart your startup.

From how to form various legal entities to how to get financing to how to get a reliable Registered Agent, you can use these resources as you begin each task of the startup process.


3) Mentoring and Counseling from Your Local Minnesota SCORE

Choose the Initial DirectorsThe Minnesota SCORE is also another one of the excellent resources for Minnesota entrepreneurs.

With the aim of providing confidential, free business counseling, personalized to meet the requirements of your small business objectives; the Minnesota SCORE provides full business support to small businesses as needed. Workshops both in the satellite offices or online are also scheduled by SCORE at a very minimal cost.


5) Free Online Resources from the SBA

Continue Learning as a Business OwnerThe Minnesota District Office of the SBA is one resource that every entrepreneur who wants to start a small business in Minnesota should never overlook.

Providing the most comprehensive of business startup assistance programs and services, the MN SBA is the number one go-to for everything related to your business startup.

Whether you’re looking into free business counseling, training and workshops for various aspects in starting a business; free online resources, sources for startup loans and grants; valuable insights on starting and managing a business, etc., the MN SBA can help you with all of these.


Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

When you want to start a small business in Minnesota, you should be ready for the tough and challenging road ahead. But, you should not just wait on the sidelines and take things as they come. You should be a savvy entrepreneur and use all the startup assistance resources relevant to your business.

You can start with the resources above and a solid business plan at your side – you’re on the right track.

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