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Minnesota Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

When you’re incorporating a small business in Minnesota, you need to secure a number of business and occupational licenses and permits, depending on several factors and serving various purposes.

Federal, state, as well as local licenses must be secured before starting business operations not just to monitor your finances for tax obligations purposes, but more importantly, Minnesota business licenses protect public interest and your business as well.

Failure to comply with business licenses in Minnesota can result to several complications. For starters, expensive fines and penalties may be imposed. In addition, issuance of business licenses might be delayed as part of the penalty for not complying with this requirement at the start of operations.

Your business operations might also be suspended or temporarily closed down. If you are not license compliant, this also leaves your small business legally unprotected, making it vulnerable to lawsuits and legal scuffles that might eventually jeopardize it.

From Minnesota business license, seller’s license, sales tax license, building permit to zoning permit, any of these may apply to your business. To sort out all your license and permit obligations, this guide provides a number of small business license resources in Minnesota.


Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

License Minnesota

License Minnesota is an e-license portal of the Minnesota government provided with the explicit purpose of helping entrepreneurs comply with all the necessary requirements to secure various business licenses for their business. This e-license portal allows to search for different types of licenses based on groups.

As soon as an option is selected, the page directs you to a comprehensive discussion of that specific license. From general licensing information, required policies and requirements for that specific license, how to begin the process for this specific license, license application fee, period of issuance to other relevant information to the license.

Most importantly, rules, statutes, and the required forms for that license including the links are provided. The specific agency in charge of the license and its corresponding website and contact information are also included. Basically, this is the e-license portal you need for each business license and permit you will have to comply with for your business.

Minnesota Business Licenses

The Minnesota Business Licenses & Business Permits is an online portal that also provides entrepreneurs with information on the various federal, state, and county and city licenses and permits. The website asks for the specific county and city in Minnesota at which you are planning to do business. As soon as you have provided these, a list of the applicable federal, state, county, and local level licenses are displayed.

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry provides important information on licenses and permits. Specifically, the DLI License Lookup Tool is especially helpful to look for the various personal and business licenses, registrations, certifications, and bonds issued by the Department of Labor and Industry to Minnesota entrepreneurs. Detailed instructions on how to use the tool to maximize search results are also provided so that you can search for the information you need effectively.

Minnesota SBA Business Licenses and Permits

The Minnesota SBA District Office also has a special section dedicated to Minnesota business licenses and permits. A separate link for federal and state business licenses and permits are provided. Each federal and state link discusses the different types and common licenses you have to secure to operate a business. Links as to the various resources to complete federal and state licenses are also included in each separate link.

A Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota

This pdf guide to starting a business in Minnesota is an invaluable wealth of information that you just cannot do without when starting a Minnesota business. A special chapter of this guide is dedicated to the in-depth discussion of Minnesota business licenses and permits. It provides readers with the right information on how to go about completing all the requirements for different licenses and permits.

Aside from this, the guide is just about all you need to form a Minnesota business. It is as comprehensive as guides come; complete and presented in a simple-to-understand way for newbie entrepreneurs.

Note that even if you have already compiled business licenses and permits after starting your business, there are several business licenses that need to be renewed, secured, and reapplied during the course of business operations. Make sure that you are well aware of these obligations to avoid any run in with the authorities.

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