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4 Awesome Michigan Startup Assistance Resources

Startup Assistance Resources

With so many things to keep track of when you’re starting a business in Michigan, it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed and defeated at times. What you do though to overcome these challenges can make or break your dream of owning your future.

Nowadays, practicality is everything, so instead of wallowing in negative emotions, be savvy and utilize various startup assistance resources to help form your business easier and stress-free. Startup assistance resources vary from how-to guides, applications, tools, and online resources that can fast track the startup process.

This guide will get you started on some startup assistance resources that are proven helpful and indispensable when starting a Michigan business.


1) Michigan Business Counseling

Hold a Meeting with Your Board of DirectorsWhen it comes to Michigan business counseling, nothing beats the free expert counseling provided by the Michigan Small Business Development Center. The Michigan SBDC has no-cost business counseling services for startups and other small businesses within Michigan.

Through personalized coaching brought by expert business counselors and professionals, the Michigan SBDC strives to provide information on planning and growth opportunities for small businesses.

Aside from one-on-one counseling, the Michigan SBDC also schedules low-cost or no-cost business workshops and training to orient small business entrepreneurs on running a business.


2) Startup Savant’s Free Michigan Resources

Startup SavantStartup Savant supports every individual’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur. We understand the struggles of starting a business, prompting to create various how-to guides to help entrepreneurs who are starting a business in Michigan.

These free startup resources are specifically created with the startup Michigan entrepreneur in mind. You can use these free resources to help kick start your dream business.


3) Mentoring and Counseling from Your Local Michigan SCORE

Choose the Initial DirectorsAnother one of the awesome resources for Michigan entrepreneurs is the local Michigan SCORE. Much like the local SBDC, the local Michigan SCORE provides assistance programs and resources to small businesses in the form of business advice and counseling.

These counseling sessions are specifically tailored to your exact business needs and requirements. In addition, the professionals at SCORE who give startup entrepreneurs advice and counseling are experts in various business fields and have also dedicated thousands of hours in counseling and mentoring.

The Michigan SCORE also provides low-cost workshops and seminars on numerous business topics.


4) Free Online Resources from the SBA

Continue Learning as a Business OwnerWhen you start a small business in Michigan, using the resources provided by the Michigan SBA is a must. With the goal of creating a conducive environment where Michigan small businesses can thrive and grow, the Michigan SBA provides a plethora of resources, assistance programs, and services all for free.

From how to start and manage a business to information on available loans and grants for funding to the basics of contracting to small business events and workshops. Everything that has something to do with small businesses is available at the Michigan SBA.


Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

Starting a new business is always challenging, but these challenges are not insurmountable. If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, nothing is impossible. This is why it is important to be practical at all times because running your business later on will be even more challenging than starting one.

When you’re ready to start a small business in Michigan, do not forget to take advantage of startup assistance resources. Do not set a limit to your use of the startup resources outlined above. Rather, broaden your research and find other resources that are proven equally useful in starting and running a business. Then create a solid business plan and see it through.

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