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MaxFilings Review: Is It Right For You?

MaxFilings Review

Welcome to our MaxFilings Review where we look at this incorporation provider’s features, pricing, packages, and more to see if they’re the ones to help jump start your business. There are many benefits to incorporating, but the actual process is very complicated if you do it by your lonesome. Thankfully providers like MaxFilings make it SO MUCH easier and more efficient.

Let’s dive right in and don’t worry, we’re going to give you a second option as well so all your bases are covered.


What You Need To know about MaxFilings

Our favorite features

Two quick considerations


MaxFilings Pricing

MaxFilings pricing on its incorporation services is one of the industry’s best, similar to IncFile, which is our #1 favorite provider. Their basic package is $49 and comes with an entire year’s worth of FREE Registered Agent service. But let’s see how MaxFilings packages their services.Here’s a screenshot showing their first step.

MaxFilings Review and Pricing

Pretty straightforward, now let’s see what you get for these prices and how much added services cost if opt for the basic package but need to add something last minute. If you ask me, chances are Gold would be perfect and if you feel like leveraging their Customized LLC Kit you can.

MaxFilings Pricing

The Final Verdict?

They’re an ideal option for novice small business owners who want fast incorporation for rock bottom prices. If they look and sound amazing, then by all means stop by

The one big drawback for some people is their lack of social proofing (MaxFilings reviews and testimonials), and maybe that includes you. If so, or if you would like a similarly priced option but from a far more well-known provider than check out IncFile.

IncFile Or MaxFilings

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