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MaxFilings Review: Is It Right For You?

MaxFilings Review

Welcome to our MaxFilings Review where we look at this incorporation provider’s features, pricing, packages, and more to see if they’re the ones to help jumpstart your business. There are many benefits to incorporating, but the actual process is very complicated if you do it by your lonesome. Thankfully providers like MaxFilings make it SO MUCH easier and more efficient.

Let’s dive right in and don’t worry, we’re going to give you a second option as well so all your bases are covered.

Some Pros & Cons of MaxFilings


  1. MaxFilings guarantees 100% satisfaction, no hidden costs or surprise fees added when you incorporate a business with them.

  2. Their 110% Best Price Guarantee! If you can find a lower price for incorporation services, MaxFilings promises to match it, but they’ll also add 10% to the refund. This still makes MaxFilings the lowest priced incorporation provider.

  3. They’re relatively new to the industry, so still small, hungry, and eager to please with pretty outstanding customer service.


  1. Although there’s a Satisfaction Guarantee for incorporation services, filing fees and out-of-pocket expenses during the incorporation process will not be reimbursed.

  2. No real time tracking is available yet, so presently you’ll get email notifications as each step in the process completes.

How Do They Compare to Others?

This is an odd question in some respects, mainly because in the online incorporation/filing industry most companies all offer the same suite of solutions/services with some offering extra “add-on” services for certain fees. MaxFilings has stayed streamlined and kept their platform focused around their 3-step process  and 3 packages which you can see more of in the screenshots below.

They have some optional services, but for the most part should you run into any questions or concerns they have tons of resource links, educational content for their ideal customers, and Live Chat customer service (as well as a responsive phone number you can call).


Are Their Services Easy to Use?

We haven’t seen anything to suggest otherwise, whether we’re talking about generally navigating and using their core website or going through their 3-step process to get your business incorporated or leverage any of their other services.

Just be absolutely sure you know what you’re ordering and understand what you need. Often times with providers like MaxFilings people find unexpected charges because they didn’t bother going through how it works with sales staff or service professionals first (typically it’s registered agent services, but with MaxFilings that’s free!).


Are Other Entrepreneurs Happy?

To be honest, Max Filings reviews aren’t as easy to come by as with providers like IncFile or LegalZoom. They have built a review system into their website in the Success Stories section but it’s not as polished as you’d expect when everything else about their digital platform is pretty nice and tidy. That said, they’ve accumulated 38 reviews thus far and they all seem to be pretty positive. At least with their you know they’re verified, like this one:

“I found your service of great help to my new venture. I was on a tight schedule and your people got me the information I needed to complete my LLC filing and get on the road with my new business.”


Pricing & Package Features

MaxFilings pricing on its incorporation services is one of the industry’s best, similar to IncFile, which is our #1 favorite provider. Their basic package is $49 and comes with an entire year’s worth of FREE Registered Agent service. But let’s see how MaxFilings packages their services. Here’s a screenshot showing their first step:

MaxFilings Review and Pricing

Pretty straightforward, now let’s see what you get for these prices and how much added services cost if you opt for the basic package but need to add something last minute. Chances are Gold would be perfect for your needs and if you feel like leveraging their Customized LLC Kit you can.

MaxFilings Pricing

What Do You Think?

MaxFilings is a great company with a good track record, competitive prices, and a streamlined approach to helping their customers get their businesses off the ground. They're definitely worth considering. That said, if you want a less expensive and more popular option our absolute favorite provider is IncFile. Use the links below to dig a bit deeper or take the leap and incorporate today. Cheers!

Visit IncFile Or Visit MaxFilings