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Maryland Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

Whether you’re forming a small business in Maryland or a big one, you will always have a need to comply with all the requirements for Maryland business license. This is because your business licenses in Maryland allow you to operate legally in the state. Without these licenses, a business is in danger of penalties, fines, and suspension of operations.

Your business may be required to comply with various federal, state, and local licenses and permits depending on its business operations, size, and the structure it is registered as (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc). There are several Maryland business licenses you are initially required to comply when starting out, and there are also licenses that you have to periodically renew at the duration of your business operations.

In addition, every time there is a change in your business operations, licenses may also be amended or will require a new one. Cases wherein you want to change business names or use a trade name or you’re transferring to a new location can trigger business license modifications.


1) Maryland Business Licenses Online

The ideal starting point to knowing and completing your business license requirements is through Maryland Business Licenses Online. This Maryland Judiciary public access website allows for searching of the Maryland Judiciary licensing system and allow entrepreneurs for the online application and renewal of required business licenses. In addition, a Clerks of the Circuit Court list and its corresponding contact information are also available for your access.

2) Maryland Business License Information System (BLIS)

The Maryland Business License Information System (BLIS) contains a massive information database of all the requisite statewide and county business licenses that may be necessary to start a business in Maryland. As an additional information, a section of the site is dedicated to a discussion of the common business types with the requisite licenses needed to operate that specific business and where to obtain those licenses.

3) Maryland SBDC

The Maryland Small Business Development Center provides assistance programs and resources to small businesses all throughout the state. As part of their online resource, a section for Maryland business licenses arranged according to county are discussed. Each of the county sections has helpful guides on how to start a business, including some links to completing business licenses.

4) Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation

Matters concerning business licenses and other regulations are handled by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. From licensing applications, resources, laws and regulations, penalties and fines, license search, and frequently asked questions on licensing regulations and licenses, this department has a comprehensive information you can refer to when completing your requirements.

5) Maryland Business Licenses Directory

The Maryland Business Licenses Directory points you in the right direction towards completing business licenses and permits by providing a comprehensive directory and listings of agencies and organizations for statewide and county level licenses. In addition, the links for each of these agencies are provided in this directory and a few other resources to help comply licenses.

6) Small Business Community

The Small Business Community is a blog that provides how-to guides on how to start a small business, including a discussion on Maryland startups and business licenses. Links of resources for processing business licenses are provided as well in this blog.

At the end of the day, when you want to have a smooth sailing journey to a growing and thriving business, it is imperative to complete all the requisites for Maryland business license requirements.

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