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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make The Most Of Facebook Ads

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make The Most Of Facebook AdsSo, you’ve decided to invest some time and money in Facebook advertisement, but are finding it a bit challenging to connect with your target audience. Luckily for you, there are quite a few things you can do to fix the problem.

Let’s start with at least four things you can do to make improvements to your Facebook ads ASAP.


1) Facebook Ad Images

The images you pick for your Facebook ad should represent your business, your target audience or the product/service you are promoting.

If you’re promoting your brand you may want to choose a photo of a friendly face, a picture of yourself or your team. This type of photo allows your prospects to get a feel for your business on an emotional level; after all, people like buying from people.

You could apply your business logo as your Facebook ad photo, but that won’t connect with your audience as much as a person representative of your startup would or it won’t until your brand image becomes tied to a specific emotional characteristic once it becomes known.


2) Facebook Ad Images Text

It is also preferable to keep your Facebook advertisement images text-free. Not only is there a 20% rule for text in ad images by Facebook, but even if you had some text, it wouldn’t be legible due to the font size.

Text is a bad idea because it would take away the attention from the image, which is supposed to generate a response if the image resonates with your ad viewer (prospects/fans).


3) Facebook Ad Copy

Make sure your Facebook ad copy is short and appealing. Draft two to three different types of ad copy keeping in mind your target audience’s pain points and how your new business solves those problems for them.

Without testing you can’t know for certain which ad copy is the best in grabbing your audience’s attention.

Some suggestions from Facebook on the topic of ad copy are to include a timeframe and price if applicable. Also, make sure you choose one call to action and then test the different texts you’ve crafted for your Facebook ad.


4) Facebook Ad Copy Headline and Text

Keep in mind that Facebook ad copy is made up of two parts: the headline and the text.

Your headline is clickable from the news feed and appears under the photo you are using for your ad.  If your ad is in the sidebar then the headline is visible before the text copy.

You want the text to be short to avoid the ‘See More’ button, which would cause your ad viewers to perform another action before being able to read the entire message.

The fewer steps someone has to take to get all the information they’re reading, the more likely it is that they will get through it entirely. This is what you want, so it’s all good!

As a business owner you have probably worked on an elevator pitch or you’re getting ready to; and you know all about business idea validation! So, I’m confident you can run a great Facebook ad with the help of the four tips listed above.

And don’t forget to have fun too! After all, you’re excited to share awesome value to your customers and future customers through your business products or services.

Have you used Facebook advertisement for your startup growth? What are some of the challenges that your business has encountered along the way and what techniques did you find useful to fix them? Let me know on Twitter!

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