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Maine Business Licenses: Everything You Need to Know

Business Licenses

Licenses, licenses, licenses! On top of the paperwork and documents you need to complete to be compliant when incorporating a business in Maine, you also have your Maine business licenses to think about.

And just thinking about the requirements of your Maine business license and permits is enough to give you a headache. However, there is no turnaround to this task as it is an important obligation you need to fulfill.

The easier way to go about this task though is to have a thorough understanding of what needs to be accomplished and a number of well-researched resources to help complete the requirements without wasting so much time and exhausting startup budget with fees and expenses.

First off, what every startup entrepreneur should keep in mind is business licenses in Maine is not only limited at the state level. License requirements range from the federal level to the local municipality level, and if your business is qualified for a specific license, then you must comply with it to avoid putting your business in jeopardy.

At the very least, you will be prevented from operating a business if you have no license, and if you are ever granted a license to operate in the future, it may not happen immediately because you might have to wait out the probationary period. In some cities or states, you will not be granted license if you fail to comply with it at the start of your operations.

As a Maine entrepreneur, your business licenses are your responsibility so get started on complying with it now. Use this guide for some valuable resources to figure out how to begin this task.



The state’s website should be your first stop when it completing your requirements for business licenses in Maine. A dedicated section on Business Licensing presents a clear discussion on how to obtain a business license for your business. The section also provides important links where you can comply with particular licenses. Plus an additional list on special licenses and permits depending on the nature of your operations.


2) Business Answers Program

Maine’s Business Answers Program is specifically created by the Department of Economic and Community Development to provide comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs doing business in Maine. An online Business Licensing Assistant is featured in this program so you can use it as a guide to completing license requirements.

From licenses and permits you must comply with to qualifications needed, everything is within reach through the Business Licensing Assistant. In addition to this, a searchable directory is also found on the program so if there’s a certain license you need to look up, you only need to look it up using keywords or categories.


3) University of Maine Business Bulletin

UMaine’s information bulletin on business licenses, permits, and taxes will give you a better grasp and understanding about these requirements in Maine. From operating licenses to special licenses depending on the nature of business operations to professional and occupational licenses, everything is discussed on this bulletin. Each of these licenses is discussed in the bulletin so you can check whether it applies to your business or not.


4) Maine Business Licenses Directory

From statewide licenses to specific county business licenses, the Maine Business Licenses Directory provides a comprehensive list of resources where you can comply each requirement complete with links with downloadable forms or where you can obtain it or links where you can find substantial information on a specific licenses.

Further, the list also contains contact information and addresses of the agency/organization in-charge of the different licenses. The same details apply for the specific county license requirements.

Please note that this article is not legal advice and if you have any questions about starting a business in Maine, speak with a professional.

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