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Louisiana Business Licenses: Everything You Need to Know

Business Licenses

Just like any other state in the country, you cannot operate your business if you haven’t completed all requirements for business licenses in Louisiana.

When incorporating a small business in Louisiana, you are not only to comply business license and permit requirements at the state level, but you should also consider those that are required at the federal and even the local county level. Failure to complete the necessary Louisiana business license requirements may result to various consequences.

From penalties and fines when you eventually procure your business licenses to non-issuance of licenses and permits, your business could be in jeopardy. Here are some of the business license resources you need to get started on this task.


1) Louisiana District Office of the SBA

The SBA has been known to provide all-out support to small business entrepreneurs across the country. With this, its Louisiana District Office has a special section dedicated to Louisiana Business License, Permit, and Registration Resource to provide entrepreneurs with all the vital information to completing these requirements.

Valuable links relating to regulations, downloadable forms, instructions, and other license-related requirements are also provided in this section.


2) Louisiana Economic Development

The Louisiana Economic Development helps entrepreneurs gain traction in their business by providing them with the basics on how to start a business. This section of the LA Economic Development is dedicated to completing business requirements that range from tax obligations, licenses, and permits, to business insurance.

In addition, a number of links for federal, state, and local resources for completing all the necessary requirements are also included in the section.


3) State of Louisiana Official Website

The most logical resource that should be your number one go-to in times of completing business licenses in Louisiana is the official website of the state. A Licenses section in the website offers a glimpse of the requirements you might need to comply depending on the nature of your business.

Most important, you will be directed to the state’s primary service provider, GeauxBiz, a licensing information hub that will provide the necessary assistance in regards to your business licenses and permits.

That said, official forms for each requirement can also be found on this resource, a surefire guarantee that all the forms you will submit later on is the standard copy used by all businesses in the state and not from an external unreliable source.


4) SBA Louisiana Small Business Resource

Another great resource that offers comprehensive information not just about business licenses and permits in Louisiana but also generally about the entire process of starting a business, you should bookmark this Small Business Resource guide.

From the minute you decide to start a business up to the time you are to complete requirements on various aspects of business operations, this guide has it all and discusses it succinctly so that even the most inexperienced startup entrepreneur can get a clearer picture of what to do when starting a small business in Louisiana.


Wrapping Up

All things considered, the resources provided above are just recommendations and not for mandatory use. Ultimately, it is still up to you on which resources you feel are perfectly suited to help you comply with business license and permit requirements.

Just keep in mind that no matter how tedious the process may look like, there’s always a silver living at the end of the tunnel – starting your Louisiana business on the right footing! Getting your Louisiana business licenses are important though, don’t skip this step.

Note that this article is an informational guide and should not be considered a legal document or advice. When you want to comply your Louisiana business license and permit requirements and you’re faced with difficulties, you should consult the expertise of a professional.

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