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LegalZoom Referral Code or Exclusive Bonus For Startups

LegalZoom Coupon Code

The beginning of your journey as a business owner is always the most challenging. It involves making long-term decisions on what to do, how to run your business, how to plan if for success, where to allocate your money, and so on and so forth.

With LegalZoom at your side, you now know your legal issues have a safe foundation and that’s great! But here’s something even greater, a chance to save money (which can always come in handy when starting your own business) with your next LegalZoom purchase or gain an exclusive offer through your LegalZoom purchase.

Here’s what we’re talking about:


Option 1) LegalZoom Referral Code

Use the LegalZoom referral code provided in this article and save $10.00 off your next LegalZoom purchase.

The services you can expect to save on include:

But note that the LegalZoom referral code can’t be used for services such as:


Option 2) Exclusive Bonus For Startup Business Owners

The Savvy Startup KitInstead of the LegalZoom referral code that saves you $10.00, you will get our exclusive bonus offer after you’ve used LegalZoom’s services.

The bonus is our official Savvy Startup Kit. The kit gives you access to a number of documents, resources, and courses that will save you thousands over the lifetime of your business. All you have to do is send us the receipt of your LegalZoom purchase and then you gain access.

The Savvy Startup Kit and LegalZoom’s services will all the basics to getting your business off the ground, to running a business that will last you a lifetime.

Just keep in mind with this offer, you cannot use the referral code for LegalZoom below and still get The Savvy Startup Kit. You’ll need to use our partner link in order to qualify.

Get your $10.00 off with the LegalZoom referral code.


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Get your exclusive bonus, The Savvy Startup Kit, by sending us the receipt to your LegalZoom purchase.


Here’s how we give back

When you start your business or simplify your legal life with LegalZoom through our partner link, we’ll donate a portion of our revenue to a classroom in need through DonorsChoose.org. So far we’ve helped thousands of students get a more enriching education. (See our impact here)

Our impact has been made possible by our partnership with LegalZoom, and we’re extremely excited to help even more students as we carry out our mission to support children’s education.

Thanks for your support and stay savvy!

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