3 LegalZoom LLC Alternatives That Save You Money

Online Incorporation AlternativesLegalZoom has to be near the top of anyone’s list when it comes to forming an LLC. They are by far one of the most popular, with over four million customers over the last 16 years. They also have the ability to expedite your processing, cutting your turnaround time in some states to just 24 hours.

However, the LegalZoom LLC formation services might not be right for you. With that in mind, let’s briefly review 3 of the best LegalZoom alternatives to see if any of them suit your business better. Enjoy!


You Save $100

IncFile has the lowest prices in the industry in terms of overall services. For example, their baseline LLC formation package costs just $49, plus state fees (which vary by state). You’re not going to find many offering lower prices than that!

Do you need registered agent service? If so, you might want to give IncFile a look, because they not only give you a full year of registered agent service with any package, but they also only charge you $99 per year after that. Considering the fact that some competitors charge $150-200 (or more!) for a registered agent, this represents huge added-value for IncFile.

If you need a registered agent and want to save $100 or more, IncFile is definitely worth considering.


Rocket Lawyer
You Save $50

The first way Rocket Lawyer sets themselves apart is with their pricing model, which gives you two options. You can form an LLC for a one-off $99 charge or subscribe to their legal subscription for $49.95 per month. With the subscription, Rocket Lawyer provides you with a ton of features that go well beyond the simple formation of your company.

For example, if you end up needing professional legal assistance Rocket Lawyer will set you up with a good lawyer at heavily discounted rates from more conventional business attorneys! Rocket Lawyer is a fantastic choice if you expect to require further assistance with legal matters, especially since you can cancel your subscription when you’re done using it.


You Save $40

Another choice for your LLC formation needs is CorpNet. What customers love about CorpNet is their high-level customer service and free corporate compliance tool, which comes with any package in their formation services.

Known as CorpNet Business Information Zone (B.I.Z.), this compliance assistance tool sends you reminders for tax deadlines and annual report filings, as well as granting you access to a business document library.

CorpNet is also similar to IncFile, offering a free registered agent for the first year if you choose their middle or premium packaging. While their basic package only offers 60 days, it is still a good feature.

Ready to Start Your LLC?

Wrapping Up and Funding a BusinessNo matter which of these LLC formation services you choose, you’ll be in capable hands. IncFile, Rocket Lawyer, and Corpnet are all experienced companies with teams of experts handling the paperwork of your LLC. With any of these options, you’ll save $50 or more as opposed to using LegalZoom.

However at the end of the day for most entrepreneurs, we think IncFile is the best LegalZoom LLC formation alternative. Their many customers all seem to absolutely love IncFile, and their prices can’t be beat, especially when you consider how many features they provide. Plus, going with IncFile for your LLC formation saves you $100!