Kashoo vs Xero

Who Wins Out?

Woman gesturing to four point three star Kashoo and four point six star Xero.

It can be tough to choose between popular business accounting software and promising newcomers, especially when they have so many shared features. To help streamline your research, we like to create these compare and contrast articles that break things down in an easy-read way.

Today, we’ll walk you through our Kashoo vs. Xero comparison review, looking at their similarities, differences, pricing, best features and customer feedback to see which is best for you. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

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Kashoo & Xero Commonalities

Kashoo and Xero, like many companies in this industry, share fantastic core features you’ll get with anyone you choose as they’ve become somewhat default in the industry. These features include solutions like:

1) Time Tracking: Keep track of billable hours with their easy to use time tracking tools.

2) Expense Tracking: Manage your expenses and track outbound cash flow.

3) Bank Integration: Sync all of your accounts and monitor income and expenses.

4) Customizable Invoices: Create an invoice, personalize and send it to clients in minutes.

5) Collaboration: Multi-user interfaces to collaborate with employees and team members.

6) Reports: Automatically generate financial reports to help you keep an eye on growth.

What Sets Them Apart

While they do have a number of great tools in common, from here, they differ quite a bit. Xero is definitely a titan of the industry and has been in the running for nearly a decade. Kashoo on the other hand, had a complete remodel just last year. Some differences to keep in mind include:


  • Kashoo offers receipt scanning as a part of their expense tracking tools, so you can stop stashing receipts in envelopes and file folders.
  • They offer multilingual and multi-currency features from the get go, instead of asking you to pay for a premium package.


  • If you’re thinking of converting from QuickBooks, Xero offers a conversion features that helps you make the transition painlessly.
  • They make time tracking and payroll even easier with built-in timesheets.
  • Xero’s system is a bit more robust than Kashoo in terms of the sheer volume of package options and features.

Pricing & Packages

Additional differences become apparent when we look into their pricing and packages. Xero offers a number of different packages with a range in prices, while Kashoo offers one package that covers just about everything. Here’s an easy visual breakdown:

Kashoo & Xero

While both companies offer many of the same core features in their packages, there are distinctions to consider, including:

  • Xero’s starter package is more cost-effective than Kashoo, but they do have limitations. They don’t offer multi-currency features in their Starter and Standard packages and you can only send 5 invoices, enter 5 bills and reconcile 20 transactions per month.
  • Kashoo offers their complete suite of services to every member, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading at any point in order to receive a more complete set of services.

Basically, we recommend Xero for those of you who require comprehensive accounting software with more complex features. Kashoo is great for small businesses, in fact it’s their specialty, but Xero is praised for its scalability. Xero can handle a much larger volume of employees and activity.

Customer Reviews

Looking at their customer reviews, we had to do a little digging. As you know, Xero’s extremely well known in the industry and has no shortage of glowing testimonials. We included screenshots of their TrustRadius page below to give you an idea.

But Kashoo, being the younger of the two, hasn’t received the same amount of fan fair yet. That being said, we were able to find some reviews from Capterra so you can compare the two.

Kashoo Online Accounting Reviews

Kashoo has gathered 49 reviews on Capterra, earning them an impressive 5 stars overall. They’ve also gotten 5 stars for their ease of use and customer service.

Kashoo Online Accounting Review Summary

Reviews praised their simplicity and support. In terms of improvements, their platform design can’t quite compete with Xero’s ultra-modern, aesthetically pleasing software, but they’re constantly updating features for users.

Xero Reviews

Looking at Xero, they’re TrustRadius score beats out almost all others, sitting at an 8.9 out of 10 after nearly 130 reviews. Keep in mind there are plenty more on other 3rd party sites, we just like how TrustRadius breaks things down:


Looking at their ratings summary, customers are extremely likely to recommend and renew their subscription moving forward. In addition, they praise the software’s availability, performance and scalability, making it a great choice for businesses at all levels of development.

Which is Best for You?

While we think both companies offer some great services, Xero wins our vote. Their platform is easy to use and offers features for everyone, at every stage of your business growth.

If you’d like to learn more about what Xero can do for you, click the link below to head over to their website. Cheers!

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