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Is There a LivePlan Free Trial?

10 Solid Reasons You Should Use LivePlan

So, what’s the deal, is there a LivePlan free trial? The answer is, sort of. There’s no such thing as a “LivePlan free trial” but they do provide a 60-day money back guarantee.

What’s the difference? Well, with most free trials access is limited to try and force you in to paying for a subscription plan or make the purchase. With LivePlan’s 60-day money back guarantee you get 100% FULL access to their entire platform and everything it involves at no extra cost.

Pretty big difference. Furthermore, unlike with other providers, you aren’t going to be bombarded with sales prompts and advertising during the initial 60-day period either. LivePlan keeps it classy!

Get 50% off LivePlan

Try LivePlan risk free for 60 days and get a full refund if you are not satisfied.


Simple LivePlan Pricing

With LivePlan there’s only one way to leverage their platform and two ways to invest in it: monthly, which comes out to $234, or yearly for $139. So essentially you have two months to make up your mind, which should be more than enough to get in there, get through the sections of your plan and begin experiencing how transformative professional business planning software can be.

LivePlan Discount Pricing

They designed it this way because after working with close to half a million startups and entrepreneurs, that’s what their market wants. The VAST majority of folks who try their platform out stick with it. We’ve used LivePlan since the very founding of Startup Savant, happily.


Popular Features You Can Try

LivePlan Business Plan Examples

Sample Executive Summary


Here’s a LivePlan Discount for you!

Write a Business PlanCool? While a conventional LivePlan free trial doesn’t exist, you can leverage their business planning software for 60-days and get your money back no questions asked at any time. We have full-confidence that you’ll adore them as much as our readers do provided you’re serious. If this is just an impulse buy you don’t intend on following through on, wait until you’re ready.

Sooner or later, your business will reach a point where it will become necessary for a variety of reasons: team efficiency, funding, improving your management skills to survive. That sort of stuff! Cheers, thanks for reading, now take the leap if it’s time.

Get 50% off LivePlan

Try LivePlan risk free for 60 days and get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

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