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Is Rocket Lawyer Free? Your Questions Answered

Rocket Lawyer ReviewWe’ve gone over the pros of Rocket Lawyer’s services for your business and life in the past and now you’re wondering if it’s free. Well, it is and it isn’t.

Let me explain.

As you know Rocket Lawyer offers a free trial. This means you can use their services before paying for anything. For the duration (7 days) of your free trial you don’t have to worry about costs, making Rocket Lawyer free until that time is up.

What can you do during your free trial? Let’s take a look.

So even though Rocket Lawyer isn’t free, you can use it for free for at least 7 days.

In that time frame (and when you sign up for the full time membership), your business will save some serious money on legal costs. Get unlimited legal advice to create important documents for your business, get legal answers and even start your business from zip code.

All of this without the risk of you making mistakes that could cost your business thousands.

Sign up for Rocket Lawyer’s free trial


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