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iPlanner Review: Is It Right for You?

iPlanner Review

Welcome to Startup Savant’s iPlanner Review where we take you on an easy-breezy walk through their business plan software and basically compare it to our #1 pick in the industry.

To get started, some basics are that iPlanner opened its doors in 2007 and has since assisted legions of small startups, business professionals and even multinational companies. But, and this is the honest truth, they’re software is super-basic. For some types, and we all know people who gravitate to this kind of well, data-environment, it’s great! For others though that are drawn to beautiful and presentation-ready plans…it’s hard to even look at.

Let’s dive in.


What to Know About iPlanner

In terms of easy-to-use plan templates that’ll help you organize thoughts in a structured manner, they’re hard to beat by technical definition. To be frank though, it would’ve been great to be able to add more screenshots of their website in this iPlanner Review, but it’s 95% text. Know what I mean? You can head to their site and see a sample plan, but be ready for a wall of text with zero aesthetic qualities that are actually very important for most people. It does have some unique qualities though:

iPlanner Review App Screenshot

And yes, as you can imagine it’s not an issue to import financial data from other accounting tools and so forth. The simplicity of their design in some ways is very advantageous. Again, I’ve personally known people, both men and women, who thrive in this kind of html-style design, but is that you?

Two Follow-up Considerations

  1. Unfortunately, last time we checked telephone support isn’t available.
  2. In terms of overall usability, leaving their app aside, the website can be a challenge.


A Quick Look Inside iPlanner

Now, as you can see it’s spreadsheets all day with iPlanner. The very core basics people look for in business planning software are there, no doubt about it. Review

As far as graphs and charts are concerned, they’re also very basic and straightforward with little aesthetic quality that modern business people are accustomed to seeing.

iPlanner Review Graph Example

So let’s compare that to the way your business plan, modeling, and data are presented with LivePlan:

Example LivePlan Templates and Themes

The beauty of it is that they provide tons of gorgeous themes and templates you can curate and get completely presentation-ready for potential investors, partners and team members, banks or commercial lenders, CrowdFunding communities, etc. When all is said and done, rather than something akin to Excel your plan will look something like this based on the template you choose:

Sample Executive Summary

See/feel the differences? Now let’s talk turkey.


The iPlanner Pricing Structure

Like many of their competitors iPlanner divides their business planning services into three subscription options: Professional, Corporate and Corporate Plus. Pricing and features are in the screenshot below. Pricing

Pretty straightforward. And listen, if you find it slightly challenging to use/navigate your site while investigating, don’t worry it totally happened to me too and my team members. Again, it’s old school. For comparison here’s the LivePlan approach.



Our iPlanner Review Final Verdict

Write a Business PlaniPlanner is simple business plan software but it’s still very helpful for a ton of folks out there. If their style floats your boat than by all means head on over to iPlanner and give them a go. However, if you’re game for what we consider the best planning software on the market today with all its fabulous bells and whistles, go for the smart alternative.

What’s important is that you follow-through with your business planning because it’s one of the most transformative steps any entrepreneur can take with their brand. Thanks for taking the time to read our iPlanner review and here’s to another big profitable year ahead!

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