3 iPlanner Alternatives Worth Checking Out

Online Incorporation AlternativesWelcome, you’ve arrived in search of iPlanner alternatives because their business planning software isn’t floating your boat. Maybe their approach to information architecture isn’t your style, or perhaps you’re more interested in getting a presentation-ready plan together vs hardcore analytics?

Regardless, the follow iPlanner alternatives are definitely worth checking out. We’re saving our favorite provider for last. Enjoy, hopefully one hits you the right way and becomes the catalyst for huge positive change!


$11.66 to $19.95/month

First, a full disclaimer – Startup Savant has been using LivePlan since Day 1. And, this software is made by the very same company (nearly 30 years in business) that made Business Plan Pro. This is their leaner, cloud-based, more modern, beautifully designed version that’s very focused on helping you create presentation-ready plans. Meaning, ready to flaunt and show to potential investors or stakeholders.

Their pricing structure and delivery are super-simple: 1 plan with monthly or annual plans. With annual you save $140 right off the top, and like Business Plan Pro they also have a 60-day money back guarantee.

  • LivePlan is great for beginners or those that would prefer a step-by-step guided approach to get situated.
  • Their collaboration features are hard to beat, with a user-friendly website and impeccable customer service.
  • Hundreds of user-submitted plan templates and 10 gorgeous themes you can use to customize a professional presentation.

Free to $39.95/month

Are you the type that likes to try things before you invest? Well, Enloop is one of the only providers with a free trial version. While it’s very limited in terms of features to keep the teaser level high, known to be buggy at times, and has sales prompts…it’s enough to give you an idea of what it’s like to really leverage the power of their software.

  • Has a great customizable auto-write feature for beautiful reports, forecasts, charts galore, etc.
  • It’s no problem to punch up well-organized and professionally formatted PDF’s.
  • Quickly and easily import financial data from popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, etc.

They’re aesthetics and approach to planning and organizing is very sticky note-style. Know what I mean? It’s a big favorite to TONS of people these days. Again, if you’re on really unsteady ground you can try their free version and really quickly get the gist.


Business Plan Pro
$99.95 to $159.95

First thing you need to know about this software…is that Business Plan Pro’s been used by over 1 million entrepreneurs, startups, and you name it. For $99 their Standard edition is fully-feature-loaded and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so you can dive in and tinker risk free.

  • 500+ sample plans to help get started, figure out data points, inspire ideas, etc.
  • Business Plan Pro is amazing but requires time to learn and get used to.
  • Tons of supportive training material as well, coming from a company with decades of experience.

Furthermore, if you went in search of iPlanner alternatives because of their lack of customer service, or because you found their website difficult to use, Business Plan Pro will be a big winner. Do note this isn’t web-based software like the next two providers.

Ready To Write An Awesome Business Plan?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAnd there you have it ladies and gents. Make your move, because time is always gaining. Here’s to a great year ahead, filled with modern planning software and all the many benefits ready to boost the power and influence driving your brand.

At the end of the day, LivePlan is our top pick due to the features, ease of use and pricing it offers new entrepreneurs. Feel free to grab your 25% off discount and try it for 60 days risk free. If you don’t like it as much as we do, simply ask for a refund.