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Welcome! Are you kidding? We’d absolutely love to feature a text-based interview with you here on the Startup Savant platform. The goal’s communication, to inspire, educate and empower our community of state-specific entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, while sharing your insight/knowledge with our hungry and thriving audience you can gain some exposure for yourself or your business.

Want to see a couple examples? We thought you’d never ask!


How Our interview process works

Once you contact us and let us know you want to do an entrepreneur interview, we’ll send you a simple questionnaire in Microsoft Word (doc.) format. Then, so things go as smoothly as possible and to ensure the interview looks great, we only need two simple things…

A Quality Image of Yourself/You and Your Team

Please send us a high-quality photo or head shot to be added in the header of the interview. We’ll grab a juicy quote and make it into a great complimentary visual. Here’s an example of how the images appear:

Entrepreneur Interview Guidelines 1


As you can see there’s the primary header photos at the top of interviews, then the much smaller photos in preview-snippets in sidebars on certain pages (and on the main Interviews Page) where headshots really come in handy. Here’s a great example:

larry nicholson

That we turned into:

Larry Nicholson

A Completed Questionnaire

These aren’t super-thinker pieces. You’re free to write as much as you’d like, but this isn’t an examination. Instead, they’re the basic questions that everyone wants to know about in-the-flesh entrepreneurs. Feel free to browse through recent interviews to get an idea for what the questions are like, or just wait to be surprised by the ones we send (there are different sets).



Our 3 Basic Interview Guidelines

We pride ourselves on the level of helpfulness and practical insight our interviews provide for our readers. That said, standards are important for everyone involved. Aside from the guidelines below, please shoot for at least 1,000 words.

1) Keep Your Audience in Mind

The majority of our readers/users are first-time entrepreneurs (of all ages, colors, creeds, and all walks), business school students, and people who want to bring their great idea to life. They’re looking for practical information, insight, ideas, and resources that can be used to help them through “the struggle” so to speak.

2) Linking Within Your Interview

We encourage you to include links in your interview to any useful/relevant resources or pages, for example your company website. That said, we avoid promotional or advertorial links of any kind that aren’t useful to the reader.

3) Be Genuine, Honest…Be Yourself!

You and your journey are unique. That’s why we feel it’s important to let your personality and voice shine while sharing your wisdom. We want our audience to gobble up your interview – so show your passion and let your personality loose!

A Note on Editing

Before publishing your interview, it’s going to be sent to our editors so they can polish and clean up any writing that may not read well because many of our interviews are from people who don’t consider English their first language. They also don’t consider themselves writers.



Get your interview started

Simply reach out to us through the contact form below, and send us a message titled something like, “OMG, I Want to Submit an Interview!” and we’ll see if you’re a good fit for our platform of about 30,000 monthly readers and 20,000+ followers on social media.

Please keep in mind that we don’t publish interviews that are promotional or provide little value to our readers. If you’re on board with this and have solid insight to share, let’s get your interview started!

Disclaimer: By submitting your awesome interview to us, you’re giving Startup Savant comprehensive rights to the content. To keep it tidy around here, we maintain 100% editorial control of what’s published on the site and how it’s used. Thank you.