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The Indiana Entrepreneur’s Startup Toolkit: 6 Solid Resources

Startup Tools and Resources

Starting a business in Indiana is a tough job, but it can be tougher if you are not astute enough to recognize that there are tons of Indiana business resources you can use to make tasks easier.

These resources range from information portals to business resources to business tools that are offered for free and some for a very minimal fee. Although these are not mandatory when forming an Indiana small business, the difference it makes when you use them cannot be disregarded.

From maximizing time for other equally important tasks at hand to seriously slashing the expenses of the actual business formation to a stress-free and convenient time, the startup resources below are worth your time. Gone are the days when you have to do everything manually while starting a business, it’s time you consider these Indiana startup toolkit resources.


1) Business Plan Software

Write a Business PlanBusiness plan software help startup entrepreneurs write a strong business plan. These business plan applications use a wide variety of instructional methods so you can effectively begin writing a plan.

1) LivePlan: LivePlan is a web-based business plan software that uses video and text walkthroughs to help you effectively write a business plan. Pricing: $11.66/month

2) PlanGuru: PlanGuru is a one-stop shop tool that combines performance, budgeting, and forecasting of your financial plan. Pricing: $99


2) Online Incorporation

Best Online Incorporation ServiceThe process of incorporating your business in Indiana is an important aspect of business formation. Online incorporation service providers can be a fast, convenient and easy solution to incorporate your Indiana business efficiently.

1) MyCorporation: MyCorporation helps you incorporate easily for the lowest rate in the market today. Most importantly, it has the proven track record that it can do the job excellently. Pricing: $69 

2) Direct Incorporation: Direct Incorporation offers various incorporation packages fit for your budget. It also provides a lifetime compliance service for your Indiana business through their Business Compliance Program. Pricing: Starts at $139


3) Design a Business Website

How to Incorporate a Business OnlineToday, a business website is not merely a digital representation of your business, but most importantly, it is a marketing tool and sales funnel in one. Gone are the days when you need to hire a specialized team of IT professionals to design your website, you can now do so with user-friendly special tools.

1) Bluehost: Bluehost offers web-based hosting services that allow you to customize a website. With a user-friendly dashboard and easy WordPress installation, you can easily design your own website. Pricing: $71.40/12 months 


4) Small Business Accounting Software

Manage Your Business FinancesAccounting software specifically designed for small business enterprises can go a long way in helping you effectively manage your finance and tax reports and even payroll. This way, you won’t have to keep track of every financial aspect of your business manually as the software itself contains modules that can manage all these. 

1) FreshBooks: FreshBooks is the ultimate user-friendly accounting software that is purposefully designed for entrepreneurs who have little or no experience in accounting. It is easy, secure and efficient, and it is one of the most used accounting tools today.

2) Wave Accounting: From automated report generation, unlimited expense tracking, unlimited invoicing and business payroll generation, Wave Accounting provides small businesses with comprehensive features to make bookkeeping and accounting easier.


5) Startup Savant’s Free Resources

Free Resources to Start a BusinessStartup Savant has gone through the same struggles as what you are currently experiencing as a startup entrepreneur. We recognize that you’re not only pressed for time, but for startup funds as well.

In line with this, we have carefully come up with a series of free startup resources to help you start an Indiana small business while minimizing room for errors and potential roadblocks and cutting startup costs.


6) Indiana Startup Assistance Resources

Continue Learning as a Business OwnerThe road to pursuing your goal of a better future through your dream business requires baby steps. However, you can take leaps and bounds by being practical and making use of startup assistance resources.

The information provided in this guide will present five of the resources you can efficiently use to further the startup and growth of your business.


Wrapping up and Staying Frugal

Wrapping Up and Moving ForwardThe sooner you can start your business, the better. Just as it is always best to gain business stability by having very minimal startup costs. With the use of the resources above, you are saving your business from all the extra expenditures and costly time it takes to get ready.

When starting a business in Indiana, time, effort, and cost should always be a consideration. When you think about these, you only need to know that there is an excellent Indiana startup toolkit that can address all these considerations. Be savvy and see your business start and flourish now!

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