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7 Incredible Sources of Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

7 Incredible Sources of Inspiration for Aspiring EntrepreneursSometimes inspiration can be a difficult thing to find when starting your business, but not if you know where to look. There are two different types of inspiration in the business world; and that’s the inspiration that gives you new ideas for products and creations, as well as the inspiration that empowers you to look at things from a different point of view.

It changes your belief of things being impossible to actually being possible.

This is a list of 7 incredible sources of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you’re struggling at the moment to believe in what you’re doing, or to let your creative side out – check out this list and be inspired!


1) Success Stories of Others

When I started looking for inspiration as an entrepreneur, the stories of others success were the first things I would look at. I would watch documentaries of successful people online, I’d read articles about them, and my favorite recently has been watching the films made about them.

I starting watching ‘The Social Network’, ‘Ali’, ‘8 Mile’, ‘Jobs’ & ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The fact that they’ve started from the bottom and become incredibly successful can indirectly give you everything you need to blast through your current road block.


2) Passions

The best entrepreneurs in the world are driven by passion, in one way or another. It’s normally the case that either their passion is to build a business that makes great profit as well as having a positive effect on the world – or it’s in a particular area that they decide to turn into a business for themselves.

In terms of passion, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for inspiration then it’s definitely a good idea to consider all your current passions in life that exclude business, and see if you could take any of them to the next level. Who knows what it may be; art, sport, fashion, writing, design – you name it.

Any passion you have in life can easily be turned into a business opportunity. The only question that remains, is what’s your passion?


3) YouTube Videos

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched inspirational videos on YouTube, but there’s a ton of them out there. All you have to do is take your pick and start watching. Whether it’s business inspiration, sports inspiration, life inspiration and so on, it doesn’t matter. There are videos for just about everything that will get you absolutely fired up.

And it may not be just compilations of various clips and powerful speeches. It may just be videos that other famous entrepreneurs have posted, that give you amazing advice.

Or it could be documentaries on their business stories and success.

Videos are powerful tools to any entrepreneur. Take advantage of them!


4) Previous Experiences

Previous experiences are a great source of inspiration in themselves, as you may be able to use these to your advantage when brainstorming potential new business ventures. Maybe you noticed something that wasn’t being done quite right, something that could have been improved upon. Or there was a better way to do something – which nobody else has thought of yet.

Have you had any experiences like this?


5) Motivational Speakers

Well, the subheading says motivational, but these people are not just motivational, they’re inspirational as well. The difference in the two is that motivation pushes you to achieve what you want to achieve, and inspiration gives you new ideas and a new outlook on certain aspects of life.

Motivational speakers can help you have a different outlook on something, and that’s crucial if you’re going to be inspired as an entrepreneur because it gives you a fresh perspective – potentially unlocking new ideas and creativity you never knew existed.


6) Traveling

Traveling offers the potential for great inspiration, because you’ll see new places and possibly meet many new people. Sometimes when you consistently talk to the same people and visit the same places everyday – you lose the inspiration for anything new.

It may just give you the chance to spot something or hear something that you normally wouldn’t in your everyday lifestyle, which grants you the inspiration you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter where you go, just go somewhere new.


7) Colleagues

Sometimes it’s difficult coming up with a new idea all by yourself. Sometimes just a talk or two with your colleagues at work, could provide you with some great inspiration. Maybe don’t even limit it to your colleagues. Even your friends and acquaintances can say something random that may end up inspiring you.

Find your inspiration source, make a game plan and soar.

About Dan Western

Dan Western is the CEO and Founder of WealthyGorilla.com, a website for entrepreneurship, Success advice & motivation. Dan is a young entrepreneur who knew from a fairly early age that his true passion was to make money through his own means and to be able to share his knowledge with others. Join him and be inspired on Facebook or follow on Twitter.