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3 Proven Ways To Get Your Content Seen On Social Media

3 Proven Ways To Get Your Content Seen On Social Media

Today most brand new businesses have an online presence and as online marketing becomes a bigger part of their strategy, so does the role of content. We see a lot more social activity on business channels and a lot more active blogs. This means, as a business you’re fighting to get seen. So how can you increase your business’ visibility and share-ability? How can you get in front of all the content noise?

Here are three suggestions that will help you do just that.

1) Add share buttons

Share buttons are very important to the visibility of your content; they make it easier for readers to distribute what they read on your website across their social networks. You probably already guessed this, but how can you optimize those share buttons?


2) Make your meta data appealing

Meta data is important for SEO, but also for your social posts. The two that you need to concern yourself with are the title of your website page/article and the description.


3) Use better images

The quality of your images makes your website and content more appealing. They also affect how shareable you are across your social streams. Keep in mind that images may look good on your website, but not on your social posts.

The more visible and shareable you make your content, the more exposure your business will gain on social media networks. This means increased brand awareness and a higher chance of sales.

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